Double tap if you’re & eating ‘healthy’ but not losing weight?⁣  ⁣   Let’s tur…

Double tap if you’re 🤷‍♀ eating ‘healthy’ but not losing weight?⁣

🔍 Let’s turn super sleuth, and go detective deep on the reason WHY you might not be losing weight when you’re trying so hard.

3️⃣ The three most common confusing causes of someone’s lack of results are:

🥑 1) you’re eating big portions of ‘healthy’ foods
without understanding the calorie value of that food. It doesn’t matter if it’s labelled as ‘healthy’ if it’s calorific and you’re consuming loads of it, unfortunately, this could lead to weight gain.⁣

📆 2) You’re a weekend warrior
💃 When the weekend comes you play hard and consume a week’s worth of calories over the two-day period. 🍕🍷🍺 Total up what a weekend costs you in calories and realise that this could also be costing you your results. If you want to know how to factor weekends in while getting results, talk to us – we’re experts in this. 😊

👅 3) The licks, bites and tastes are adding up
One Body Smart client sent this message in their coach WhatsApp group this week: “I used to graze healthy foods for a couple of hours before supper and was horrified when I realised it was the equivalent calories of a whole planned meal!”

🥨 A bite of this there, a taste of that there, it all adds up!

☕️ Even ‘healthy’ drinks that your oat milk latte might surprise you when you see the calories.

📕 If you want to really solve this problem for good, we highly recommend taking a read of our short eBook ‘How to Track Calories Accurately’.

📚 Want a copy? Comment and we will send it to you.

❓ Let me know – do any of these surprise you? Or got any questions we can help with? Comment below.

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