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11 books to change your life that will help you get your life together

Reading is something that many of us enjoy doing for downtime. It could be a form of escapism, or a more recent trend is the increase in popularity of self-help books to change your life. Gone are the days that these sorts of books are not taken seriously, there is now something to suit everyone.

These books are now claiming to be able to change people’s lives. By allowing them to form new habits, think differently and live the lives they want to live. So if you are in the market for books to change your life then these are the ones to look out for. 

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The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

Many of us may have heard of The Secret. There is a documentary that you can watch on Netflix. But you can also read the book that the film is based on and actually reading it might mean that some of the habits and processes stick with you.

The Secret essentially is being aware of the law of attraction. It claims that your thoughts become things and how you feel and think can change your life. Allowing you to manifest the things you want.

It isn’t just as simple as thinking about what you want and it magically appears. But there are some great processes to do with gratitude and positive thinking that could be life-changing for you.

This was recommended to me by Luan.

The Miracle Morning – Hal Elrod

The Miracle Morning essentially focuses on transforming your morning. The book claims that performing certain rituals in the morning will transform your day. It states that you need to make time for things like journaling, and exercising.

Getting into the habit of getting up earlier and starting your day in the right way. You may not want to apply the whole routine, but this book could help you to make more of the time you have in the mornings and get past the day to day madness!

This is one of the most popular books to change your life on the market.

The One Thing – Gary Kellar

This book is all about simplifying your day and to-do list. It does centre around work and projects but it can be implemented into your personal life.

It is all about finding the one priority in any given project or day. Focusing on that one thing and making sure you get the tasks done to help you achieve it. 

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read – Phillipa Perry

This is a parenting book with a difference. When reading it you may feel like you are in a therapy session. It delves deep into your own childhood and makes links between how you may behave as a parent now as a result of how your parents were with you.

It is an eye-opener for sure and one that you may find gives you great results when it comes to learning how you deal with parenting life moving forward 

Good Vibes Good Life – Vex King

This book is all about helping you move beyond toxic environments, how to practice self-care and making your well-being a priority.

It will help you to manifest your goals and flow with the universe rather than feeling like you are climbing uphill with no real reward for it. The book will help to change the way you think, act, feel, and even speak. Enabling you to live a more positive and fulfilled life. 

Women Who Think Too Much – Susan Nolan-Hecksema

The author is a trained psychologist and professional and calls this overthinking a huge barrier in women’s lives, and her groundbreaking research shows that an increasing number of women are doing it too much and too often, leading to sadness, anxiety, and depression.

In the book, the author shows us what causes so many women to be overthinkers and provides concrete strategies that can be used to escape these negative thoughts, move to higher ground, and live more productively.

Is this one of the books to change your life that could work for you?

Get Your S**T Together – Sarah Knight

If you find yourself overwhelmed with everything that you need to do then this book will help you. It is all about ensuring that you prioritise what is important to you.

Not just with work and family life, but also the importance of self-care. Many of us can feel like we don’t have everything in order, and this book shares strategies to help you do that. 

Think Like A Monk – Jay Shetty

Think Like a Monk reveals how to overcome negative thoughts and habits, which is often something that we can all be dealing with day to day.

It will help you to access the calm and purpose that lies within all of us. The lessons monks learn are profound but often abstract.

Shetty transforms them into advice and exercises we can all apply to reduce stress, improve focus, improve relationships, identify our hidden abilities, increase self-discipline and give the gifts we find in ourselves to the world.

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself – Michael A. Singer

This book is all about how you can understand who you are from your consciousness and understand that your behaviours and tendencies can be changed.

We all set limitations on ourselves and this book will help you to see and go beyond that and be able to be more true to yourself than ever before. A profound read. 

The Comfort Book – Matt Haig

The latest release from Matt Haig is one to get your teeth into. The book is a collection of consolations learned in hard times and suggestions for making bad days better.

Drawing on maxims, memoirs, and the inspirational lives of others, these meditations celebrate the ever-changing wonder of living. This is for when we need the wisdom of a friend or a reminder we can always nurture inner strength and hope, even in our busy world.

The Life-Changing Magic of tidying up – Marie Kondo

This book is one for people who struggle with cluttered or feels their mind gets overwhelmed and their environment can play a big role in that.

The book will help you to organise your life and feel more in control of things as you go along. You won’t believe the impact your home can have on your mental health

Let’s hope this has inspired you to try one of these books to change your life yourself.

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11 books to change your life that will help you get your life together

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