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15 Small Bedroom Design Tips to Maximise Space

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Selecting and arranging furniture and accessories for a small bedroom is challenging. Moreover, making the space appear larger is tricky unless you know of specific techniques that help maximize it. Try these 15 small bedroom design tips for a comfortable and functional space.

15 Small Bedroom Design Tips to Maximise Space


1. Paint the bedroom white

Choosing white paint for your bedroom walls and ceiling makes the room appear larger because it reflects light. In contrast, darker colours absorb the light, making the room less airy and feel smaller.

You may choose various white colours, such as dirty white, ivory, eggshell, vanilla, or Navajo white.

2. Let natural light in

Letting natural light in creates a cosier atmosphere, perfect for a small bedroom. Moreover, natural light improves your mood and brings in more Vitamin D. It’s also a subtle way to bring the outdoors indoors.

3. Keep it minimal

Dealing with a small bedroom means you’ll have to curate the furniture pieces and accessories. You won’t have the freedom to display your favourite massive sculpture if you lack space.

That said, one of the simplest small bedroom design ideas is minimalism. Never hoard stuff. Keep only the necessary things in your bedroom to prevent clutter.

4. Add mirrors

In addition to painting your walls white, adding a few mirrors in your small bedroom is another trick to make it appear larger.

Try displaying a mirror across a window so the mirror reflects light illuminating the space.

5. Create a bed nook

Maximize an awkward nook in your bedroom by placing a bench in it. Installing a full-length shelf can also turn it into a storage area.

If the nook is big enough for a bed, you can even transform it into a cosy bed nook.

6. Draw the eyes upwards

Another secret small bedroom design technique is to draw the eyes upwards. You want to create an illusion that the small space is bigger than it seems through a vertical perspective.

If you can’t have a high ceiling, make it seem like your space has one. Paint vertical stripes on the wall or hang artwork and arrange them vertically.

7. Recessed shelves

Storage is a significant issue for small bedrooms. One of the biggest furniture pieces is the shelf. If you can’t have a full-fledged shelf, create a recessed one. This allows you to enjoy the storage without compromising bedroom space.

8. Opt for multi-purpose furniture

We hate to burst your bubble, but you won’t be able to display all the necessary furniture pieces in a small bedroom. A nightstand, chest of drawers, or dresser might look cramped in a limited area.

That said, you can choose multi-purpose furniture that does the job. For instance, you can grab an ottoman that doubles as storage. Also, instead of having a bedside table, you can feature smaller types of dressers that accommodate your needs.

9. Wall-installed bedside light

If your dresser is too high for your bedside lamp, install the lighting fixture on the wall. It will save you space, and you don’t need to have a nightstand for it.

You may even grab bedside lamps that can be clipped to a headboard.

10. Get a Murphy bed

A Murphy bed is a good choice for a small bedroom because it creates floor space when not in use.

Otherwise known as a wall bed, this type of bed can be folded up a wall and presents a cabinet-like exterior.

11. Install floating shelves

One of the most helpful small bedroom design tips is to keep things floating, such as your shelves. Install a floating shelf to make way for furniture pieces like dressers, beds, or nightstands.

12. Optimize bed storage

Under the bed and the foot of the bed are the two places where you can store things you won’t need daily. You can grab those storage boxes, segregate your stuff, and slide them under the bed.

Or you can get a bedroom bench that doubles as your storage for more oversized items that can’t be folded or hung.

13. Attach a hanging rod

If you’re short on shelf space, attach a hanging rod in an empty corner or nook. This way, you can hang clothes that don’t fit in your closet and regain the space when you keep your clothes away.

14. Install a wall-mounted desk

You can build a workstation by installing a wall-mounted desk if you’re working from home.

Some installations even fold up like a Murphy bed when not in use. Pair it with a modern chair with slender legs or a glass chair to give the illusion of more space.

15. Create an accent wall

An accent wall is one of the most practical small bedroom design tips that expands your space. It’s an interior wall decorated differently than the other walls, so it stands out.

It could be a different wall paint colour, wooden pallets, or a gallery of wall art—the possibilities are endless. Having an accent wall means spending little effort sprucing up the room and expressing your personality without displaying too many accessories that take up space.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to design a small bedroom to maximize space and functionality takes minimal effort if you do these hacks. The idea is to make the room less cramped and clutter-free by utilizing inconspicuous areas. Selecting the right furniture items is also crucial to have a proper bedroom arrangement.

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