7 horror franchises that need to die already, from ‘Halloween’ to ‘The Conjuring’

the conjuring movie
Vera Farmiga in “The Conjuring.”

  • Horror franchises have introduced iconic villains like Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers.
  • In many instances, they have also dragged on longer than they needed to due to their popularity.
  • Insider has rounded up 7 once-iconic horror franchises that need to finally come to an end.
The first “The Conjuring” film had all the components for a good horror movie – a family moves into an isolated, run-down family home with a dark past – and left most viewers impressed.

the conjuring
Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga.

However, “Annabelle,” released a year later and about a demonic doll, was a weak follow-up. And every movie since (except for “Conjuring 2”) has been a disappointment.


No other sequel in the franchise has been able to capture the genuine bone-chilling horror of “Conjuring” and “Conjuring 2,” mostly because of weak plotlines and not-scary supernatural elements.

the conjuring the devil made me do it warner bros
“The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.”

“Insidious” started its own franchise in 2010 much like “Conjuring.” It followed a family that moves into a new home before their son slips into an inexplicable coma.

Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson play parents of a possessed son in “Insidious.”

Unlike “The Conjuring,” “Insidious” had a more promising plot (the comatose son enters a different realm through astral projection) that made sense in a sequel.

insidious 3
The third “Insidious” movie.

“Chapter 2” retains some of the suspense of the first movie. But the fourth installment, “Insidious: The Last Key” is mostly just mediocre jump scares with a lackluster plot.

Insidious jump scares
Josh with the Lipstick-Face Demon.

The very first “Halloween” movie will always be iconic for introducing one of the most dreaded horror movie villains of all time – Michael Myers.

Michael Myers in Halloween (1978)
Michael Myers in “Halloween” (1978).

Unfortunately for everyone around him, including the viewers, Michael refuses to die. So “Halloween Kills,” the latest movie in the franchise, ended the exact same way as “Halloween” did in 1978.

Michael Myers stalking Laurie in Halloween (1978)
Michael watching Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) in 1978.

At the end of “Halloween Kills,” Michael gets up after being punched, stabbed, shot, and set on fire. His ability to constantly bounce back even after 40 years has made the franchise incredibly predictable and boring.

Michael Myers is back in "Halloween Kills."
Michael is back in “Halloween Kills.”

Much like “Halloween,” “The Purge” has followed roughly the same format for most of the films in the franchise – one day a year, all crimes are legal for 12 hours.

the purge

Also like most franchises included in this list, the series started strong with the first “Purge” movie (released in 2013) led by solid performances from Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey.

The Purge
Ethan Hawke.

The Purge as a concept works for maybe one or two movies because the viewers know exactly what narrative trajectory the film will follow and can brace themselves.

the purge horror film
Purge participants.

The “Purge” movies, except for the first one, also don’t exactly have much of a plot – just plenty of action and gore.

the purge tv series

In the 20 years since its debut, the “Resident Evil” franchise has been through every iteration imaginable – “Apocalypse,” “Extinction,” and “Afterlife.”

Resident Evil apocalypse, afterlife, extinction
Milla Jovovich stars in three “Resident Evil” films.

The sixth movie, misleadingly named “The Final Chapter,” implied that the franchise might be coming to an end before a reboot (“Welcome to Raccoon City”) was announced in 2017.

resident evil final chapter
“Resident Evil: Final Chapter.”

Fans of the original series are, however, unimpressed. Some YouTube users wrote in the comment section of the official trailer that the reboot looked like a “parody.”

Resident: welcome to evil raccoon city
“Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.”


Unlike “Resident Evil,” “Friday the 13th” should probably not get a reboot anytime soon after it ended in 2009 with 12 (!) movies under its belt.

friday the 13th
“Friday the 13th.”

If “Halloween” has Michael, “Friday the 13th” had another iconic killer – Jason Voorhees, a machete-yielding monster who wears a hockey mask.

Scareactor dressed as Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees during Halloween Horror Nights.
Brandon performed as a Jason Vorhees during his time at Universal Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights.

While Jason is easily one of the most legendary horror movie villains of all time, once the filmmakers decided to send him to space in “Jason X,” most fans agreed it was time for Jason to retire.

Jason Vorhees
Jason Vorhees.

“Paranormal Activity” is the second-most scary movie using the found-footage format – with the scariest being the 1999 movie “The Blair Witch Project,” which pioneered the genre, of course.

paranormal activity
“Paranormal Activity” (2007).

The main selling point of the film was its simple but terrifying plot: A young couple experiences disturbances around their home and sets up cameras in various spots hoping to find the culprit.

paranormal activity
“Paranormal Activity.”

However, it becomes hard to maintain interest after “Paranormal Activity 3” with each sequel introducing confusing, and unnecessary, plot developments.

paranormal activity
“Paranormal Activity.”

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