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An essential guide to all the Targaryen kids on ‘House of the Dragon’

A side by side image of two blonde men.
Aegon the Elder as a teenager and in his 20s.

Let’s start with Jace, the firstborn child of Rhaenyra and heir to the Iron Throne after his mother.

Side by side images of a young boy with dark hair, and an older teen with the same dark haircut.
Jacaerys in “House of the Dragon.”

His full name is Jacerys, though everyone calls him “Jace.”

Jace was born sometime in the 10-year gap between episodes five and six of “House of the Dragon.” Though Rhaenyra and her allies insist on publicly claiming that Jace is the son of Laenor Velaryon (Rhaenyra’s first husband and future king-consort), the real father was Harwin Strong.

Luke is Rhaenyra’s second-born son, and heir to the Driftwood Throne.

Side by side images of a young boy with curly hair, and a teen boy with the same hair.
Lucerys in “House of the Dragon.”

Lucerys “Luke” Velaryon is another of Rhaenyra’s children she had with Harwin Strong, though the realm is meant to believe he is the second son born to Laenor and Rhaenyra.

Luke was the kid who cut Aemond’s eye (we’ll get to Aemond and his siblings soon) in episode seven, “Driftmark.”

Joffrey is the youngest son from Rhaenyra’s first marriage (and affair).

Side by side images of a woman holding a baby and a young boy with dark hair.
Joffrey as a baby and as a young boy.

Joffrey was named after the man who was in a secret relationship with Laenor when they were both teenagers. Even though Joffrey (like Jace and Luke) was really Harwin Strong’s son, his faux-father chose the name shortly after his birth in episode six.


Now onto Alicent’s children, all fathered by King Viserys. Their oldest child together is Aegon II.

Three images of a baby, a teenager and a young man with blonde hair.
Aegon the Elder as a baby boy, teenager, and young man in his 20s.

Aegon II (also called “Aegon the Elder” in the “Fire and Blood” book by George R.R. Martin) was the first boy born to King Viserys who survived childbirth.

Aegon the Elder is the son of Queen Alicent, and many lords in the realm of Westeros argue that he should ascend the Iron Throne after Viserys dies, surpassing the named heir: Rhaenyra.


Alicent and Viserys’ second born child is Helaena.

Three side-by-side images of a baby, a teenage girl, and a young woman.
Helaena Targaryen as a baby, a young girl, and a young woman.

Helaena was the first girl born to either Alicent or Rhaenyra. In between episodes, Helaena was married to her older brother, Aegon the Elder. So far the pair don’t have any children together.

Alicent’s youngest child is Aemond, now known as Aemond One-Eye.

A side by side image of a young boy with white hair, and an older man with an eyepatch.
Aemond “One Eye” Targaryen as a boy and a young man.

Aemond was the last of his siblings to claim a dragon, though taking Vhagar for his own cost him an eye after a fight broke out among all the children in episode seven.

In episode eight, Aemond is now a confident swordsman and seemingly more capable than his older brother Aegon the Elder.

Now onto Daemon’s children. He has two daughters from his first marriage to Laena Velaryon. The eldest is Rhaena.

Side by side images of a young girl and a young woman with long white hair.
Rhaena Velaryon in “House of the Dragon.”

Rhaena was the firstborn child of both Daemon and Laena, who married and had children in the intervening 10 years between episodes five and six.

By episode eight, Rhaena was happily living with Daemon and her new stepmother Rhaenyra, and betrothed to Jace — making her in line to be the future Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

Baela is the youngest daughter of Daemon and Laena.

Side by side images of a young girl and a young woman with curly white hair.
Baela Velaryon in “House of the Dragon.”

In episode eight, we see that she’s been sent to live at Driftmark as a ward, learning the ways of the court from her grandmother (Rhaenys).

Baela is now betrothed to Luke, meaning one day she’ll help rule Driftmark alongside her stepbrother/husband.

And last but not least, Daemon and Rhaenyra now have children together. Their first trueborn son is also named Aegon.

A young baby in a dark room.
Aegon the Younger, son of Rhaenyra and Daemon.

Aegon III was named after Aegon the Conquerer, adding to some confusion about which Aegon is which.

Since Aegon III is just a toddler in episode eight, with Aegon II in his 20s, the books refer to him as Aegon the Younger.

So Aegon the Elder is Alicent’s son, and Aegon the Younger is Rhaenyra’s son (and Aegon the Elder’s half-nephew).

Rhaenyra and Daemon had a second boy they named Viserys.

A woman with blonde hair holding a baby with blonde hair.
Rhaenyra holding baby Viserys II.

Named for Rhaenyra’s dad (and Daemon’s brother) King Viserys, little Viserys II was introduced in episode eight as an infant.

Now Rhaenyra is pregnant with a third child, meaning soon she’ll have six total children: Three with Laenor/Harwin, and three with her new husband/uncle Daemon.

New episodes of “House of the Dragon” air Sundays on HBO at 9 p.m. ET. For more, read our breakdown of the best details you might have missed in last week’s episode.

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