Army Dad Loses It When He Sees How Couple Pays For Groceries

Brewing Up A Storm

He had no idea that he was about to leave the supermarket in such turmoil since it had seemed like a usual shopping trip. He wasn’t upset by the long lines at the checkout counter, though, or the crowd of people in the produce aisle.

Neither was it the screaming children or the mindless mothers pushing their carts in front of him in a haze. When he glanced into another family’s shopping cart, he felt a storm start to brew inside of him.

Trying His Best

Facebook – Patrick Gibson

Patrick Gibson was hard-working and did his best to support his small family. He thought his life might get easier when he enrolled in the U.S. Army.

It was undoubtedly difficult for him to leave his family for months to serve his country. However, if there was one lesson his parents taught him, it was that nothing was ever given for free.

Bringing In The Bacon

When Patrick met Whitney, the love of his life, he considered himself blessed and the happy couple got married soon after. He was a father of a boy and a girl before he even knew it.

Nonetheless, the couple fell on tough times, and with only one person bringing in the bacon, they had to make do with what they could afford.

Providing For Four

Facebook – Patrick Gibson

Patrick often missed breakfast so his family could eat, and his $70 could stretch as far as possible. When you have four people to provide for, $70 doesn’t get you very far, and after household costs like diapers, gas, car payments, and toiletries, the Gibsons hardly scraped by.

Patrick, however, thought to himself that it was alright and that he was satisfied with what he had. They could cope with what they had, somehow.

Going Grocery Shopping

Facebook – Patrick Gibson

Patrick determined that he would visit the local Walmart to do some grocery shopping after he noticed that he had a little left over from his paycheck one month. He attentively selected the specials and best buys as he walked through the aisles, doing tallies in his head.

He studied the gorgeously red grapes in the produce section as he thought he could perhaps bring a little treat for the family that day. His smile was about to be erased, but Patrick did not know it yet.

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