Awesome Etsy Gifts To Buy For Those Awkward Men in your life

At Christmas, there is always that one dad that seems to have EVERYTHING! So When it comes to birthdays and Christmas, you have no idea what to buy them. When you ask them what they want, they usually shrug their shoulders and say and mumble ‘Nothing’ or ‘Dunno’.

It must be a man thing! You can spend hours looking online for something for these men. So we wanted to make it a little bit easier to find some Etsy Gifts to buy for those awkward men.

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Food And Drink Gifts

Personalised BBQ Tool Kit

Men love nothing better in the summer than a beer and a barbeque. So the Personalised Bamboo BBQ Grill Tool Set is a perfect gift for them. The wooden tools are all engraved with his name and it comes in a presentation box.

You can just imagine them carrying it out at the barbeque and showing it to their friends. It’s perfect for foodie dads, Grandads and boyfriends.

There are 5 bamboo and stainless steel tools in each grill toolset. They are handmade and cost £69.99 fully engraved on the box and the tools.

Grandad’s Porridge Spoon

Here is a gift for Grandad, especially one who is likely to get many gifts for Christmas. If they enjoy a bowl of porridge every day, a stamped porridge spoon is perfect for them.

This antique/vintage hand stamped spoon is full of character and it has some slight imperfection and off-centre letters. This is deliberate to make it look more unique and perfect for Grandad.

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Awesome Etsy Gifts To Buy For Those Awkward Men in your life

The spoon is stamped as well as printed with ink. And although the ink might fade over time, the stamping will stay forever. Grandad’s Porridge Spoon is only £13.00

Personalised Crystal Decanter

The personalised crystal decanter can be laser engraved with a choice of initials and dates to suit the gift receiver. Although it is a fab gift for the man who has everything, you could also buy it as a gift for an anniversary or other special occasion.

It is £65.00 for the crystal decanter on its own, but you can pay more for additional glasses to make it a set. You can choose a max of12 characters per Line of engraving, and 2 Lines per order.

Making it perfect for a personalised gift. The decanter holds 0.80 Litres, so you can pour a 0.70-litre bottle of drink in there. This will arrive in a white gift box, to finish the gift off.

Chocolate Beans On Toast

Sometimes a novelty gift is a perfect gift for someone who has everything. This fun and delicious chocolate beans on toast is the perfect gift for foodies who you don’t know what to buy for.

It is solid chocolate that is topped with white chocolate baked beans. It even has a chocolate knife and fork. This is handmade of Belgian chocolate and perfect for any chocolate lover.

It will cost you £12 and it will be fun watching someone trying to eat it with the chocolate knife and fork.

Personalised Beer Bottle Cap Christmas Tree Decoration

This personalised beer bottle cap is the perfect gift for someone who loves a Christmas beer.

You can give it as a gift for Christmas, then hang it on the tree. Who knows, it could even become part of his Christmas tradition. It is available in two types of wood and can be personalised for him.

The bottle cap is made in Leicestershire and comes in 2 sizes. This is a great price of £7.96 and one of the great Etsy gifts to buy.

Hobby Gifts

Personalised Hammer

The personalised hammer is great for dad’s who love to do a bit of DIY. You get to use up to 50 characters on the front of the hammer.

So even though it is sold as a hammer for Dad, you could have anything written on there. You can also have up to 35 characters written on the back.

The hammer is hand-engraved using traditional methods and calligraphy font. It is a properly usable hammer and it is made to withstand the heaviest nail pulling. This is sure to make the man in your life smile when he uses it. It will cost you £28.35, so it is a bargain gift.

Novelty Golf Socks for Men

Even the men that have everything, need to wear socks. So these novelty socks for men are perfect for the golfer man in your life. They come in sizes 6 -11 and say ‘I’d rather be golfing’ on the bottom of them.

So when he sits down with his feet up, you can see what it says. Golfers love nothing more than receiving some comfortable golf socks to slip on while watching the golf on TV. They are an absolute bargain at £7.99.

Personalised Luxury silver stainless steel garden tools

These personalised luxury garden tools are a great gift for a gardener who has everything they need. The handles are made of solid ash and they have a slight curve to them, for extra comfort for him.

The tools come with leather hooks to hang in his shed or man cave. They will look great in there. The trowel even has measurements so that he digs to the correct depth whilst he is gardening.

You can even personalise the tools with up to 20 characters. They start at £24.95 each.

Large Lego Man Craft Kit

All men love lego, no matter how old they are. So this is a little fun Lego gift for those lego lovers. Each Kit comes with 1 x large brickman, 4 x medium brick men, 1 x paintbrush and 6 x 3ml paints.

So they are good to go from the moment they open the package. This is even something that kids could do with dad, how about making the Lego man look like dad? The set is a bargain £6.00.

Dungeon Master Men’s T-Shirt

Dungeons and Dragons is as popular as ever, so this Dungeon Master t-shirt is a winner for all fans. It is £16.48 and is available in sizes from small to 5xl. The t-shirt is made from cotton and comes in 7 different colours to choose from.

Dad Etsy Gifts To Buy

Daughter / Dad Novelty Keyring

There is a special relationship between a dad and his daughter. So buy this special dad/daughter keyring for him to wear with pride on his keys. The company offer a wide range of keyrings for different family situations. The keyring costs a fantastic £4.49 and the delivery is free.

Personalised Snack Crate

Dad NEEDS one of these! They’ve worked hard this year so what better way to reward them when you all sit down for some Netflix time. If you don’t want it engraved with beer and sweets, then it can be engraved with anything you want.

You can choose 4 items that he really likes and that you could put in there, then it’s engraved on there. You can choose to have a bottle opener on the crate and it comes flat pack or readymade. The personalised snack crate is £29.95.

Personalised Dad’s Famous Quotes Print

All dads have quotes and this personalised Dad print can fit 10 of his best quotes that he is always saying. You can choose the colour from a selection and in the middle of the print, you write your personalised message.

The ten quotes come off from the centre like a mind map. It is such a beautiful and personal gift for a dad at Christmas.

Dad, I will Always Be Your Financial Burden Coaster

This single-sided coaster has a quote saying Dad, I will always be your financial burden! This is a fun gift and a bargain at £4.95 with free delivery.

The quote coaster measures approximately 9x9cm with rounded corners and is single-sided with hardboard backing.

Personalised Superhero Cushion Gifts For Dad

All dads love superheroes, and a child looks up to their dad like a superhero. This personalised superhero cushion is available as a filled cushion or just a cover.

It complements dad and there is a space on the bottom to add a personal message.

You have up to 1000 characters to use, so you can leave a cute message for him. The filled pillow is £11.98 and the cover only is £7.99.

Check out lots of other gift guides and my tips on what not to buy here.

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