Baby Bear Refuses To Move Until Cop Follows Him

Terrifying Creatures

It was pacing back and forth right there on the road. These enormous animals blended into the shadows of the night with flawless camouflage.

These terrifying creatures were all too noticeable during the day. What was it doing here? Something seemed wrong as he drew near. He then realized he needed to move quickly.

Stuck In Traffic


Traffic was growing minute by minute that day, and the highway was in complete disarray. State Trooper Thomas Owens was caught in this gridlocked traffic when people lost their composure, and car horns started blasting.

His gut told him something was wrong, so he drew closer. But as he did so, he noticed a shadowy figure lurking in the bushes.

Police Chases


As a child, Thomas was fascinated with everything to do with vehicles. On weekends, his father took him to car shows, and he was obsessed with the high-speed chases he watched on the news.

Every day after school, he switched on the television, hoping to catch a glimpse of a police chase, even though he never knew how it ended.


TAB4Some of these police pursuits ended in tragedy, but the vast majority ended in justice. Law enforcement often caught the criminals in time, restoring community peace and safety.

But Thomas’ mother was always concerned about her son’s fascination with watching these high-speed criminals. She had every right to be.

Getting His License was highly eager to get his license when the time finally came. He passed his driving test on his sixteenth birthday.

The set of car keys nearly had to be pried out of his hands by his mother. She could not bear the idea that her son would develop a dangerous driving habit and have an accident.

A Warning


Despite being a young boy, Thomas was not in any way irresponsible. His mother told him, “The town is small, Thomas. You can wave goodbye to the truck if we catch one whiff of you being reckless.”

Thomas was well aware of the dangers awaiting him on the road, but he could never have predicted that someone close to him would become a victim.

Something Is Wrong

myPoliceThomas enjoyed cruising around his neighborhood and often offered to pick up and drop off his friends from school.

He assured his mother he would be safe and kept his word. But one day, when he arrived home, he did not see his mother’s car in the driveway. A sudden shiver ran up his spine.

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