Baby Girl Invades Dog’s Personal Space Unaware Of The Risks

There Were Risks

The child was fascinated by the dog and tried her best to get his attention. He was unfazed by all the antics and lazily kept up his attempt to nap. The Milanos thought it was all so cute. 

The dog was so much bigger and towered over her minuscule frame. Still, the baby was oblivious to the risks and kept trying to get at him. It was all hilarious and cute until the dog’s reaction made the Milanos jump up immediately. 

Difficult Situation 


Mike and Colleen Milano were a young couple. It was a difficult union as the pair married young and both had traumatic childhoods. They found a degree of peace and happiness in each other but were ill-equipped to raise their own family. 

Both were forced to start working while they were still teenagers just to make ends meet. It was a difficult situation, but they did their best, unaware that the worst was yet to come. 

Marley Arrives

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Marley was the family’s dog and had been with them for a few years. Mike had found him on the street and rescued him. He immediately became a new member of the family and fit in perfectly. 

When Colleen fell pregnant, the couple was ecstatic to have their little family grow. However, there were new concerns they would have to contend with n

The Decision 


Though it was a difficult choice, they decided that Colleen would have to stay home to care for the baby. Unfortunately, to compensate for the lost income, it meant Mike would have to work two jobs. 

Mike didn’t mind this. He had always been a hard worker and was willing to sacrifice anything for his family However, he had no idea how unprepared he was for what happened after.


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When the couple’s daughter, Amalia, was finally born, the young parents were overjoyed. Their little family was complete, and they could barely wait to get the baby home. However, when they did, it was soon apparent that there was a problem.  

Marley could be a little temperamental and didn’t get along with kids in general. He didn’t seem happy about Amalia’s arrival and became visibly restless and agitated. The couple realized it was a little risky and had to make a tough decision 

Stressed Out 


Unfortunately, they were forced to keep Amalia and Marley separated to avoid any risks. Amalia grew fast, and soon, she was already crawling and taking a few tentative steps. When she managed to bypass her crib and make her way to Marley’s area. Mike noticed just in time and was relieved when he managed to grab her in time. 

The stress caused him to lash out a bit. He had also been carrying a lot of work stress, and he took this out on Colleen, yelling that she needed to be more careful with the baby. However, Mike knew deep down his miserable mood had more to do with other things. 

The Second Time


Mike was secretly very miserable about his work situation and the family struggling to pay bills. Incredibly, a few days later, Amalia jailbroke her crib again. Colleen noticed this time and grabbed the child before she found her way anywhere close to Marley. 

Marley had noticed too and stood up as Amalia approached him. The couple were concerned now. They had no idea what would happen if she had actually reached him. Mike knew it was time to act before dis



After long and arduous discussions, the young family decided to try to get the dog used to their baby girl Amalia. So they’ve come up with a plan they hoped would work. 

Mike was very stressed about the arrangement, but he knew he had to reach a compromise. The situation in the house couldn’t go on. But to the family’s surprise, things wouldn’t go as expected. 

In The Same Room


Mike and Colleen decided to bring the baby into the same room with the dog sometimes, so they could get used to each other. They thought this would get the dog to calm down. 

Marley watched the baby girl carefully but always kept his distance from her. The couple didn’t know if this was a good sign, but they were about to find out soon. 

Getting Closer

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The family froze when they saw the scene before their eyes. Their baby crawled toward the dog, and the animal didn’t move, as if waiting for the girl to get to him. What was going to happen?

When the baby girl reached her hand to touch him, the family quickly jumped from their seats. They couldn’t believe what was happening. 

Touching Him 

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The little girl did the unexpected. She slowly touched the dog with her hand. Then she smiled and went for a second touch. 

The parents got worried, and as they jumped from the couch, Mike told Colleen to wait. They were both watching to see how the dog would react with them in the room. But they never saw this coming. 

The Dog’s Reaction


Marley, the dog, didn’t move a muscle. He let the little girl touch him as much as she wanted. He even seemed to enjoy it. 

The dog’s reaction stunned the young couple. They were happy to see that the dog was calm and behaved nicely. But then they realized that they had to do something quickly or it might be too late. 

Parents Act Quickly

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This was the first time their baby girl interacted with the dog. She even went in for a kiss on the dog’s nose, for which he didn’t flinch. 

The couple realized they needed to immortalize the moment, and Mike quickly grabbed his phone and recorded it. It was truly magical. The girl’s giggles were making the young parents tear up. 

A Miracle


As the young couple was recording the beautiful moment, something incredible happened. They couldn’t believe their eyes. It was nothing short of miraculous. 

The dog got up and started licking the baby’s face, giving her a few cute doggy kisses of his own. It was an amazing thing to witness, and the couple couldn’t be happier. All their worries about the dog not getting along with the baby were gone. 

Going Viral

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Colleen had the brilliant idea to share the video on her Facebook page, which got her much more attention than expected. 

Everyone loved the video and thought it was the cutest thing. It was shared thousands of times, and it quickly went viral. It was no surprise. Who wouldn’t want to see such a beautiful moment? 

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.

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