Bear Starts Growling Then Owner Sees Why

A Low Growl

She counted the hours as she sat with her bear and enjoyed the fresh spray of the sea. But just as it grew quiet, a low growl came from her bear.

He was never aggressive. And this was certainly out of character for him to do things like this. The ocean started moving rapidly, she should have left, but she didn’t.

A Fishing Trip

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On a whim, Bela decided to go fishing, the thought of catching a fish and preparing it fresh. Her best friend was Ursune – a two hundred-pound black bear. He was a peculiar companion, but they were inseperable.

The day started off well enough, but things would soon take a drastic turn. They would soon learn that the Beaufort Sea, was a force to be reckoned with.

Bela Inessa Volkov

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Bela Inessa Volkov lived on Parris Island, Alaska. She was a normal zoologist who lived in Siberia her whole life. Her friends often described her as a dedicated young woman.

Bela was always interested in working for good causes. She would go to different countries to save any animals that needed saving. But even though so many had captured her heart, she was closest to her friend Ursune.


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Bela found Ursune in Northern Siberia, he was a feral black bear that had been taken away from his mother to be a circus act.

Bela made a few calls and soon they had gotten Ursune away from his captors and that life. But she would soon find herself way more attached to the bear than she thought she would be.

Her Relationship With Him

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Their dynamic seemed like something out of a fantasy book. Ursune loved her unconditionally and never showed any aggression towards her. She was his best friend and it was clear that he knew that.

And Ursune gave back everything that Bela showed him. After a bit of paperwork, he was under her care and she would make sure that he would be a happy bear. But she was unaware of what he would do one day.


Pexels – Stein Egil Liland

Bela had to move to Alaska for her work. She needed to study the region’s wildlife which began in Anchorage. She would soon be living on Parris Island, where the accident involving her bear would happen.

For the few weeks Bela spent on the island, she and Ursune would take walks around the cold terrain and enjoy everything the island had to offer. But among their favorite activities was fishing, which would show Bela what Ursune was. 

Bela spent a few weeks on the island with her bear where they would take walks in the region. But the problem started with a new hobby that they adopted, which was fishing. Then Bela would see Ursune’s true colors.

A Normal Day

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It was seemingly a normal day. Bela had a good breakfast and then decided to go down to the pier with her trusty companion.

She made sure to load up her truck and grab the bait and fishing pole. When they got to the pier they got into their boat and pushed off into the water. But things would soon change.


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Bela always loved fishing with her bear. The cold winds blew through her hair and helped clear her head as they relaxed on the water.

But everything would change soon enough. It was colder and darker than normal when they pushed off. Bela should have trusted her instincts and decided to head back, but she didn’t.

A Calm Sea

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They had been on the water for a few hours and they were both enjoying their time together. But thenen things took a turn and Bela’s bear started to growl for no reason.

Bela was confused, Ursune never lost control or showed aggression. Suddenly, the waters started to move rapidly. Bela should have headed back for shore, but she was unaware of the danger.

Calm Him Now

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She reached over to pet Ursune. Hoping to calm him before he did something reckless like jumping into the freezing water. 

But the bear’s growls were growing more frantic even though she tried every technique she usually used to calm him. It was then that she craned her neck over the boat’s side. Her breath caught at what she saw.

The Dark Shadow

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A large shadow passed underneath Bela’s boat, rocking the vessel. It swam across again, rising to the surface and blowing a spray of water into the air. 

“An orca,” Bela stammered as she finally recognized the creature’s rubbery black and white skin. “A killer whale,” she continued with a swallow of saliva. “We need to be quiet, Ursune.” But it was too late. 

Don’t Antagonize It, Man

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The bear let out a shattering roar, huffing and puffing toward the water around them. Although killer whales rarely came after humans, Bela couldn’t guarantee their safety, especially since the Ursune was busy antagonizing the creature. 

She threw her fishing rod aside and got hold of the paddles, ready to start their return home. But the orca tipped their boat over. 


Pexels – Evelyn Chong

Cold water permeated every crevice of Bela’s clothes, forcing itself down her throat and nostrils as she got submerged. White bubbles fluttered past her. Her lungs burned. Within the chaos, her blurry sight caught the terrifying orca swimming past her. 

Struggling to get a hold of herself, Bela beat her arms and legs. She held whatever breath she still had, trying her best not to panic. But her eyes caught the killer whale rushing straight toward her.

It Comes For Her

Pexels – Berend de Kort

The orca was speeding toward Bela. It was going to make a quick meal out of her. But what happened next left even her, an expert in zoology, stumped. 

Ursune swam before her, taking the brunt of the orca’s attack. It swiped its claws at the creature, fending it off. Bela had already swam to the surface, still not believing what was happening.    

The Big Black Bear

Veronika Dichka

The island’s locals came to help her and Ursune. They managed to get them back to dry land, offering a warm fireplace while tending to Ursune’s wounds. 

Bela would conclude her research on the island and leave afterward. But even though she experienced one of the most traumatic events of her life, she was glad it had shown what a true friend she had in her big black bear. 

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.

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