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Been getting a little frustrated with my body recently.Thought I’d share my th…

Been getting a little frustrated with my body recently.

Thought I’d share my thoughts so we all know we’re not alone. Not matter what size or shape we are.

I can’t stop thinking about this little bit of fat I have on my lower tummy now and wondering if it will ever go away?

I wonder if my exercise and strength will ever get back to how it was and how I want it to be?

I really dislike that my bum is so much flatter than it used to be.

I try to take my own advice and love my body, I do, I try everyday.

I remind myself of what my body has done and what it’s capable of still.

I remind myself I am more than my body.

I know I have many qualities and am so loved.

But the negative thoughts still arise.
Because I human.
And that’s ok.

Some days are great, some are ok and some are not ok at all.

The important thing is that we don’t give up and don’t give in to the negative thoughts.

Let them be
Let yourself feel
Remind yourself of your amazing qualities
and that you love your body no matter what
And keeping going.
Keep trying💖


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