BIG DREAMS – life after massive weight loss

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Welcome to BIG DREAMS!

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Imagine…you are on the verge of achieving massive weight loss. You might have dieted and exercised your way there. You might have had surgery. Youʼve fought, kicked, and struggled!

But youʼre nearly there! Even if youʼre not at goal yet, youʼve lost enough weight that your whole life has changed! You have your life back! Or you may have a new one! Whatʼs next? BIG DREAMS, thatʼs what!

BIG DREAMS is a new, inspirational reality show about people from all walks of life whoʼve been on a weight loss journey thatʼs taken them to the edge of a new life. What choices will they make? What opportunities are in store for them? Will they take it in stride, struggle, or blossom?

BIG DREAMS is not about what you look like or if you’re at goal. It’s about having and finding your BIG DREAMS and being able to do something about it!

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Many reality TV shows are bringing the struggle of weight loss to our living rooms, but few are focusing on real life after massive weight loss, and the joys, struggles, challenges–and sometimes fears–that it brings. And, BIG DREAMS is brought to you by people whoʼve been there! They want to hear about your dreams after massive weight loss, and help others manifest their dreams!

Kristen is a force to be reckoned with in indie film in New England. Her Goldilocks Productions has a number of projects in development and she seems to have more energy than she knows what to do with. Over the past few years, she’s also had a weight problem creeping up on her. After being diagnosed as morbidly obese in 2010, she decided to undergo weight loss surgery. Today, Kristen is near goal and excited about where things are going.

Zee, as she likes to be called, has been an independent filmmaker for more than a decade with her company, Unfolding Story Pictures. She has also dealt with a serious weight problem since the age of five. At one point in 2001, she reached her top weight of about 390 pounds. Zee managed to lose about 70 pounds on her own and kept most of it off. But by 2008, her health was going downhill and the quality of her life was becoming seriously affected.

After struggling with the decision for a decade, she finally decided to have RNY weight loss surgery in September 2009. Since then, she’s lost 125 more pounds and is only a few pounds away from no longer being obese, according to BMI. Still a work-in-progress, she feels like she has a new life and is embracing everything positive it has to offer.

Two years ago, Steve Nicander weighed over 600 pounds and was at death’s door in a rehab center. Super super morbidly obese and vowing to change his life forever, Steve adopted a natural approach to his weight loss by concentrating on healthy, whole organic foods and as much exercise as he could manage each day.

As of today, Steve has lost 360 pounds and is racing toward his goal of reaching 230 by the fall of 2011. He campaigns tirelessly for reversing America’s growing health and obesity crisis, and is an advocate for those who struggle with their weight. Steve is especially concerned for those who are in the position he was in only two years ago, and he reaches out to help folks in any way he can.

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