Boss Finds Note After Reducing Senior Worker’s Vacation Days

Over Four Decades 

He had been committed to the company for over four decades now. He always knew that a lot of the things he did for the company were the reason why they were still afloat.

When he heard that they would be getting new management, he expected them to at least acknowledge what he had done for the company. But they showed him otherwise, and he was determined to teach them all a lesson.

Job Of His Dreams

Pexels – Kateryna Babaieva

Malcolm had worked as an engineer in Cincinnati for years. After finishing college in the early 80s, he was lucky enough to find employment with an upcoming electrical company in the city. 

As the company was still young, Malcolm and the owner cum manager quickly became good friends. For Malcolm, working in a field that he was passionate about was vital. But with the company, he’d experience more. 

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