Dalmatian Gives Birth At Home, Owner Rushes To The Vet

Not What Was Planned

The birth seemed usual at first. The new dog-mom was under close observation from her owner and in the days that led up to the big event, she started nesting. Less than a week later the contractions started, and everyone was prepared.

It was supposed to be a home birth, but after 5 puppies came out her owner realized that something was wrong. A vet was needed as soon as possible.

A Career-Worthy Hobby

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Cecilia Langton-Bunker, a 43-year-old breeder in Australia, loved the dalmatian dog breed more than anything in the world. Her passion for the adorable dogs went as far as being a full-time business. 

Under the name CCDalmatians, Cecilia had been breeding, training, and showing these pups for over 24 years. But that was just the beginning of it.

Her Life’s Calling

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Ethical breeding and dog showing was vital for her. Cecilia didn’t just breed the dogs for the money. She always felt like it was her calling in life. She’d perfected it.

She ensured that the partnering was with other prize-winning dogs with a healthy genetic makeup. Little did she know what her next breeding efforts would turn into.

Dalmatian Facts

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Dalmatians are medium-sized dogs identified by their unique black or brown-spotted coat. They originated as hunting dogs and can be traced back to the historical region of Dalmatia in Croatia.

They typically live for 12 – 14 years and are known to be intelligent, friendly, and protective. It’s not hard to see why Cecilia loved this breed, especially when Miley came into the picture.

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