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Details You Missed on Season 3, Including Mistakes

Sylvie’s firm actually speaks French once Emily leaves.

agence grateau metting in slyvie's apartment on emily in paris season three episode one


The French natives have more conversations in French this season.



One of the most unrealistic parts of the first two seasons was how quickly the French characters switched to primarily speaking English.

But on season three, Sylvie and her team speak French during their first meetings as Agence Grateau.

The office switches to English as needed when Emily or other English-speaking clients are around. But for the most part, when a conversation is happening between French speakers, they use their native tongue.

Many of the details from Emily’s opening dream come true, including the fashion choices.

still from emily's dream on season three episode one and a still from later on the episode of emily in paris


Emily, Sylvie, and Madeline all wear their outfits from Emily’s dream.



The season starts with Emily having a dream that quickly turns into a nightmare.

She’s standing on the Eiffel Tower when Sylvie and Madeline confront her about who she’s really working for before she falls backward over the ledge.

A similar scene plays out in real life later on the episode — sans the fall — and the women are even all wearing the same outfits from Emily’s dream.

Madeline’s setting options aren’t on the screen during her Zoom call.

madeline on a video call with a cat filter on on emily in paris season three episode three


Madeline gets stuck using a cat filter during an important business call.



After trying out a cat filter as part of Emily’s pitch for a pet-food campaign, Madeline is unable to remove the filter for her Zoom meeting with the Chicago team.

The option to add or remove a filter would usually be accessed through the settings menu on Zoom.

But there don’t seem to be any menu options visible on Madeline’s tablet screen.

When Emily and Madeline move their stuff out of the office, they leave all the computers and files.

emily sitting in the office on emily in paris season three episode three


Savoir left a lot of its hardware in the office.



After dealing with broken elevators, extreme heat, and a pigeon, Madeline announces they’re officially leaving the office building.

She tells Emily to pack up, but she only leaves with a few boxes and her laptop. They don’t do anything about all the desktop computers or the bookshelf full of files and materials.

All of those things are still in place when Sylvie takes over the office later on the episode.

The book cover Camille uses on an exhibit poster is by a writer who was exiled from France.

camille showing sofia her exhibit poster on her phone on emily in paris season three episode four


Camille organizes the art show for her client Sofia.



Camille uses the book cover of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s “Confessions” as part of the marketing for Sofia’s exhibit, which is fitting because the exhibit includes a confessional booth.

Rousseau was a philosopher and writer who was exiled from France.

Including him as part of Sofia and Camille’s plot seemed to kind of foreshadow Camille’s decision to leave France to be with Sofia in Greece for a while.

Dopamine does indeed rise after completing small tasks.

emily working as a server in gabriels restaurants on emily in paris season three episode four


Emily works at Gabriel’s restaurant for a short period of time.



When Gabriel’s restaurant is short-staffed, Emily steps in since she wasn’t employed at the time.

Emily tells Gabriel that she enjoys working as a server because completing a series of small tasks gives her dopamine.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter linked to positive emotions and is indeed released after completing tasks.

Sylvie references Emily’s faux pas from her first day while rehiring her.

sylvie talking to emily on emily in paris season three episode four


Sylvie eventually forgives Emily enough to rehire her.



After getting caught working for both Madeline and Sylvie at the beginning of season three, Emily was left without a job. But eventually, Sylvie gives in and asks her to come back to Agence Grateau.

After Emily accepts, Sylvie says, “I’ll see you on Monday. Don’t be early.”

This is a very clear callback to season one when Emily showed up at 8:30 a.m. on her first full day of work when the office didn’t even open until 10:30 and Sylvie didn’t come in until 11:15.

La Liste features a variety of professionals.

arrows pointing to different professions on la liste on emily in paris season three episode five


Emily and Gabriel both make La Liste.



La Liste is journalist Janine Dubois’ breakdown of the 10 most influential people in Paris, and Sylvie is desperate to make it.

Instead, Emily and Gabriel make the list for their respective skills in social media and cuisine.

The other professionals shown on the list include a designer, a landscaper, an architect, and a CEO.

Earning a Michelin star is even more difficult than what Gabriel explains.

gabriel talking to the michelin star chef in Provence on emily in paris season three episode six


Gabriel is determined to get a Michelin star on season three.



Gabriel tells Emily that his dream of getting a Michelin star means keeping the quality of his food consistently excellent.

This is one of the actual requirements. Anonymous inspectors can dine at the restaurant at any time, so all guests should be served top-quality food every shift.

But restaurants have to catch the attention of the Michelin inspector team first.

Gabriel would need to gain a reputation for his restaurant to even start his Michelin-star journey.

This is the first time Grégory’s nickname is mentioned despite him and Pierre fighting on season two.

gergory at agence grateau on emily in paris season three episode seven


Pierre calls Grégory Gagory.



Grégory and Pierre have been at odds with each other for years — as fans know well from season two.

On season three, Grégory tells the Agence Grateau that years ago, paparazzi captured a photo of him enjoying “fellatio alfresco” in Italy. Pierre talked to the press and called him “Gagory.”

Grégory complains that the insulting name has stuck with him for years, and the next time he sees Pierre, the older designer does in fact address him by the nickname.

None of this came up during their extensive fighting on season two.

Gabriel is obviously thinking about starting a family after Camille returns from Greece.

Gabriel putting a sailboat in a fountain for a young girl on emily in paris season three episode nine


Gabriel stops at a park to help a young girl sail a toy boat.



After Camille returns from Greece, Gabriel is seen walking through a park and kind of longingly looking at the kids playing. He even helps a young girl sail a toy boat.

On a prior episode, Gabriel was envious of a Michelin chef’s life in Provence with his family, and it was very clear he wants kids, so this isn’t super out of character.

But viewers don’t learn until the end of the season that by this point, Camille had already told Gabriel that she’s pregnant, which gives the scene more meaning.

The woman working at the opera addresses Sylvie as mademoiselle even though she’s clearly with her husband.

sylvie taking a ticket from an employee at the opera on emily in paris season three episode nine


Sylvie is married, so her proper title is madame.



Laurent surprises Sylvie at the opera on their anniversary, and they have a conversation in front of the employee handling tickets. The employee clears her throat to get their attention, so she clearly heard them talking.

Even though Laurent refers to Sylvie as his wife, the employee addresses her as mademoiselle.

In French, madame is traditionally used as the title for married women, and mademoiselle is used for unmarried women.

Camille is never shown drinking when she returns from Greece.

camille talking to emily on emily in paris season three episode ten


Camille’s storyline gets a surprise twist at the end of the season.



On a show where characters are always drinking alcohol, it’s somewhat apparent when one character isn’t indulging.

Although viewers don’t find out until the end of the season, Camille realizes she’s pregnant around the time of her trip to Greece. Fans who are paying close attention may realize she’s never shown drinking when she’s back in France.

Camille is empty-handed throughout her engagement party. And the moment when she’d be most likely to hold a glass — during the toast — is interrupted by Mindy and Nicolas’ helicopter arrival.

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