EODD – The Every Other Day Diet Plan – As Effective As Traditional Dieting?

If you believe the science it just might be.

The Every Other Day Diet or EODD Diet is a revolutionary take on dieting that uses “calories cycling” in a fresh and easy to follow way. So, how well does this diet stack up and will it work for you? Read this article to find the pluses and minuses of this program, and how it compares to traditional dieting.

EODD: The Every Other Day Diet Plan


1. Free days (every other day) to eat your favorite foods

2. Clear easy plan to follow

3. No plateau problems

4. 3 separate levels for increased weight loss

5. Clear and attainable goals

6. Complete mind and body information

7. 100% Money Back Guarantee

8. Awesome bonuses for signing up

The diet is scientifically based on using caloric cycling to help you lose weight. This cycling is what allows you to eat the things you want on your off days. The psychological advantages of being able to regularly curb your cravings is why this diet appeals to so many people. Most people start out very dedicated to different fad diets only to become overwhelmed by the rigid eating guideline which makes it difficult to lead there everyday lives.

Another factor that makes the Every Other Day Diet successful is the 3 levels of the program designed to allow you to choose how fast you lose weight. You are able to switch during your dieting to accommodate your life. Many people sing the praises of this feature for it’s flexibility.

Because of the benefits mentioned above plateauing has been conquered mostly on this diet. Switching between levels and caloric cycling let you burst through the walls that other diets hit with weight loss.


Even though this diet allows you to eat the things you love regularly it is still important to stay on the cycle strictly. The caloric cycling only works when you “cycle” regularly. For some people a little cheating will cause the weight loss to slow and sometimes stop. You must stick with the plan for it to work.

As with all diets if you are sedentary your weight loss will be impeded. Your activity level will have to increase if you are not exercising regularly now. For some people this causes problems if they have hadi caps or injuries. Ways to make this work are mentioned in the program literature, but I felt it needed to be said.

Traditional Diets


Traditional diets do work. It is a proven fact that if you burn more calories than you consume you will lose weight. Many people are able to diet easily and lose weight by eating a calorie restricted diet. These people are rarely looking for the next great diet and have a high activity level already. If you fall into this category traditional dieting may be the way to go.

Your doctor will be able to advise you with a traditional diet, and will have information readily available for you. This can help if you don’t know where to start and are on a limited budget.


Psychologically traditional diets are very difficult for some people. The guilt that is felt when giving into cravings causes many to feel horrible and depressed. This is the major reason people fail at traditional dieting.

Life makes staying on a traditional diet hard. When it becomes necessarry to eat out or when you travel it can be very frustrating when you are on tis type of diet. Once you fall off of the wagon it can be very hard to get back on again.


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