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Garlic Butter Green Beans | Precious Core


These Garlic Butter Green Beans are the best green beans I ever had! Garlicky, buttery, with soft vibrant green, green beans. A sprinkling of lemon juice at the end really takes these green beans over the top!

Skillet of garlic butter green beans.

Looking for an easy AND tasty recipe to make with green beans? This recipe for Garlic Butter Green Beans in one to have in your back pocket!

I love my recipe-testing job because I am the principal beneficiary of my own recipes. I must confess, I have never liked green beans. But working on this recipe was completely life-changing because I made green beans I could eat AND totally enjoy!

Just like my Sauteed Vegetables, these sauteed green beans with garlic butter make a great side dish. Serve it for the holidays together with my Baked Turkey Wings and Garlic Butter Rolls, and you’ll have everyone going for seconds and thirds!


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