Gift Suggestions For Bariatric Surgery Patients – 3 Tips

Bariatric surgery is simply another term for weight loss surgery. It is recommended by doctors for some people who are at least 100 pounds overweight. Most bariatric surgery procedures are designed to reduce the stomach’s capacity to ingest and process food. The intended result of this type of surgery is dramatic weight loss in the surgery recipient.

There are various types of procedures that fall under the heading of bariatric surgery. Most either involve reducing the stomach’s capacity to absorb nutrients (malabsorptive) or restricting the stomach’s size (restrictive).

Regardless of the type of procedure being performed, bariatric surgery patients face a substantial road to recovery, given the invasive nature of the surgery.

Recovery From Bariatric Surgery

Recovery from bariatric surgery usually happens in stages, with different actions required by the patient at each stage. For example, for the first week at home after surgery, the patient will be restricted to a diet of 3 ounces of clear liquid for each meal. Then, at about day 10 or so, if the recovery is deemed by the surgeon to be going smoothly, the patient is allowed to progress to eating soft and pureed foods.

Besides this strict dietary regimen, other aspects of recovery after surgery can include deep breathing exercises, the use of a Sequential Compression Device (SCD), and care of the incision.

How To Show You Care

Watching someone you care about go through this difficult recovery period after bariatric surgery is not always easy. This is because you know the person is facing at least two major challenges at once: 1. the difficulty of suddenly having a very restricted diet, and 2. dealing with the healing of the surgery wounds and adjusting to the new lifestyle.

The very best way to show someone that you care during bariatric surgery recovery is to just be there for them. This can include sending letters, calling and visiting when possible. Words of encouragement that they are on the right path are always helpful.

Of course, if you have the budget for it, buying this person a gift can be a great idea. Receiving a gift during recovery can perk up their spirit and lighten their mood, especially if the going is rough for the first few weeks or months.

Gift Suggestions For Bariatric Surgery Patients – 3 Tips

If you are thinking of giving this person a gift, here are 3 tips to help you decide what to get:

1. Challenge and sharpen their mind with games and puzzles: If the person loves forms of entertainment that challenge the mind, consider giving him or her games, puzzles, and trivia books. Also, books of lists (world’s tallest, fastest, most expensive, etc.) can be a great form of entertainment to pass the time.

2. Captivate their imagination with story: The imagination is a wonderful ticket out of the day-to-day challenges of surgery recovery. Whether it be in the form of a popular fictional book series, DVDs, or even audio books, give the gift of story to help the person pass the time.

3. Highlight their interests and hobbies: Everybody has an interest or a hobby. Focus on what makes this person tick – what makes him or her happy. Then, get a collection of related things together, like DVDs, photo collection books, magazines, and posters. Surround the person with what they love to watch, read or do.

Follow these 3 tips to help you choose the right gift for a bariatric surgery patient.

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