Give Up Dieting – Bringing An Effective Change In Your Eating Pattern

The word “diet” usually brings though of failures to many people all over the world. But why is it so? Is it because that we have come to know through experience that diets normally don’t work? I know that most of you will be sitting back with your mouths open in astonishment. For this is an article about dieting, is it not? Well it is and not. Dieting can be very hard for many people and can even sound like death. But very few adjustments in your in your lifestyle or life can help a long way in your health and fitness goals.

Some people are addicted to eating. Sadly one cannot stop eating at all just like how it is the smokers can give up on cigarettes. It is true that giving up smoking is not that easy as it sounds, but imagine the difficulty when you are forced to smoke at least three cigarettes a day. So in this case you can as well take pleasure in smoking every time you do so. You can imply the same for food. Eating is necessary for survival. Without eating you cannot live your life. Therefore food will cause some problems when diet issues are concerned but find a different healthy way of looking at food.

Is this not the place where diet comes in as useful? Well “no” is the answer. It is actually the place where diet fails. Diets do a very little help to change the way we look at food. Diets just help us know which good food is and which is not and usually foods that we enjoy are strictly forbidden when we are dieting. People often end up feeling deprived and punished while dieting. And these are feelings that no one would like to experience.

The worst part is when we end up punishing our self when we fail to follow the straight, narrow pathways on which we are placed because of dieting. This will result in us sulking over every little time we fail to follow the regime until we decide to give up altogether and indulge again ignoring the guilty feeling completely.

A simple change in your lifestyle can help you achieve success in life. This will be the only way to shed the extra weight and you don’t even have to go through the unwanted suffering and guilt that most dieters undergo in every phase of dieting. Set a few goals. Let them be practical for fitness, losing weight and trying out new eating habits. But learn to stick to your habits. You can start from a very small thing like eating five servings of vegetable serving every day.

Change your eating habits. As the next step change the way you look at food, this will surely make you change your attitude about health, fitness level and your body. When you start losing a few pounds you will realize that you are more energetic and there is a lot less pain while exercising .This will surely motivate you to keep up with your habits as the time passes by.

It is wrong the think that weight loss over a long time is as simple and easy as the first few pounds. It is necessary to be consistent while making these changes in your lifestyle.

Take the day as it comes and start completely new the next day. Meaning that if you ever happen to fail to stick to your habit you can always get back tomorrow. The trick lies in sticking to your habits for more time and learning the balance and moderation when you stray from the narrow and straight path.

One can fail in many different ways while dieting, I know some people who failed in every attempt of theirs. However the chances of failing are less when you are making some good positive changes which are making your life better. Be patient as it may take weeks or months or even years to attain the goal. You are doing well for your health and body as long as you are taking efforts to make steady and consistent progress.

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Source by Abhishek Agarwal

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