Guide For Eating Out If You Are a Diabetic – How to Enjoy Eating Out! What Do You Order?

You are diabetic and you want to eat out and you just are not sure what to order? Eating out is fun, easy and quick, but we need to make it healthy as well.

Plan ahead the type of restaurant and what you will order. There are many restaurants that actually have meals prepared for those dieting or diabetics. You want to eat healthy even if you don’t have diabetes.

First ask the server what items that the restaurant has for those that are diabetic. Even when you receive your food look at the portion size and do not overeat. Save the food in a to go box and enjoy for later. Ask for any meat that is broiled or baked. If you get a baked potato ask for low fat sour cream or margarine. Ask that all sauces be placed on the side so you can only eat enough for taste, but not consume too many calories. If your meal comes with french fries ask for a substitute such as a salad or baked potato.

Consider these options when you are eating out:

Appetizer: fresh fruit, steamed seafood, raw vegetables, consumme

Salad: tossed salad, cottage cheese, low calorie dressing or lemon juice or vinegar

Bread: whole grain

Starch: baked potato or steamed potatoes or plain rice

Vegetables: raw, stewed or steamed

Meat: Baked or broiled meat

Dessert: fresh fruit, fat free or low fat yogurt.

Beverage: coffee, tea, low fat milk or sugar free soda

Enjoy eating out, but be careful to make the right choices and ask for what you need.

If you are not sure what you should or should not eat. There are free diabetic meal plans online today.

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