Holiday Resolutions – Tips to Keep Your Weight Loss Resolution

With the holidays coming to an end soon, people are looking to the New Year and new resolutions. Although many people have the right intention to lose weight, their goals are often forgotten within the first few months of the year. Here are some tips to set and keep your weight loss goals so you can succeed this year, and look forward to making other resolutions next year.

1. Visualize your goals. Those that achieve their goals see them as already accomplished, always positive that they can achieve them. Writing down your vision allows you to see your goals and vision every day. Combine your written goals with magazine pictures of your goal body to help you stay motivated.

2. Create your reasons for weight loss. Although looking good naked is a good reason, try to create deeper reasons that will help you stick to your weight loss. For instance, maybe it’s to improve your health, prevent a heart attack or diabetes that runs in your family, and even deeper reasons of being around to see your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Perhaps you want to be healthy for traveling in your retirement years and staying alive for your significant other. Whatever your reason, if your weight loss is linked with your values you are more likely to achieve your results.

3. Start small. Create healthier habits by slowly replacing your unhealthy habits for healthier habits. For instance, switch out soda with diet soda or switch out all drinks with water. Start carrying a water bottle around. Replace a cookie with a piece of fruit. Aim to go to the gym three times a week, gradually increasing the length and intensity of your workouts. Making small changes is better than an all-out plan to workout five days a week and never eat anything unhealthy, which is unrealistic and leaves dieters failing quickly. Rather than focusing on deprivation, focus on adding things to your life, such as healthy food and exercise that you enjoy. This will help you be positive in your goals, which will help you achieve them.

4. Add supplements. Although no pill is a miracle pill, many people don’t eat enough fresh vegetables and fruit. Besides the cost of eating healthy, sometimes people just don’t think they have the time. Since vitamins and minerals are crucial when you are trying to lose weight and to help your body repair itself (after workouts), a multi-vitamin taken every day is a smart idea. And if you’re lacking in energy, pick up a Akavar weight loss pill or energy supplement to get you going in the morning and before gym time.

With these tips in mind, you can gradually work towards your weight loss goals and succeed this year!

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Source by Kristen Van Beaver

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