Last-minute Father’s day gifts on Amazon Prime

When it comes to Father’s day sometimes we can be at a loss as to what to buy for a gift. Men can be notoriously difficult to buy for at the best of times. Some of us can be last minute and forget that we need to purchase a gift, which often leaves a scramble to find something that is a) suitable and b) going to be delivered on time.

Whichever dilemma you find yourself in Amazon Prime can often come to the rescue and Father’s day is no exception. So here are 15 Father’s day gift ideas you can find on Amazon Prime. 

Bedside table organiser

One of the first gift ideas is a bedside table organiser. This is perfect for anyone that has a lot of things that they want to keep tidy and also need access to.

Think sunglasses, phone, earbuds etc. This bedside table organiser will keep everything in one place, tidy and accessible. A great gift idea for Father’s day. 

Check out this bedside table organiser

Personalised hammer

If you want something that is useful but also has that personalised touch then this personalised hammer is a great gift idea.

The hammer can be used for all matters of jobs around the home, and the personalisation will serve as a reminder of how loved they are. 

Check out this personalised hammer

BBQ Flavoured rub set

Men love a BBQ am I right? Summertime is BBQ season and as Father’s day falls in June then BBQ gifts can often be a great option.

This BBQ Flavoured rub set has a whole array of taste sensations ready to be used over your meat or vegetables of choice. They come packed up and presented in a lovely box as well for easy use. 

Check out this BBQ Flavoured rub set.

BBQ Grill set

Sticking with the theme of the BBQ this BBQ grill set is a great option for anyone who takes the grill seriously.

Full of different tools and utensils to use with the BBQ this set can stay organised as everything has its place in the portable case. 

Check out this BBQ Grill set

“Best dad ever” apron

Some men love to cook and not just at BBQ but also in the kitchen as well. So what better way to encourage this than by gifting this great “best dad ever” apron.

You can get a lot of different designs and colours when searching online. 

Check out this “best dad ever” apron

Back and neck massager

Who doesn’t love a gadget, and this back and neck massager is the next best thing. Not only does it have different speed settings but it also uses heat to help ease up those aching muscles.

You can get your hands on many different options when looking on Amazon, but I’m sure the man in your life would really appreciate this gift. 

Check out this back and neck massager

The BIG biscuit box

Many fathers have a bit of a sweet tooth and so this big biscuit box is the ideal option for any of them.

Filled with different sweet treats and biscuits it’s perfect to go alongside their favourite cup of coffee or a nice cup of tea. 

Check out this big biscuit box

“The world’s best dad” mug 

If you are thinking biscuits will make a great gift then a personalised mug can also be a great option to consider. This “World’s best dad” mug is a great option.

There are many different designs, some novelty and full of humour, others more sentimental, so you are bound to find a great mug for your father. 

Check out this “world’s best dad” mug

“Dads measure” whiskey glass

If they prefer an alcoholic tipple then this “dad’s measure” whiskey glass or tumbler will make a great gift. It has lines to show different measures and then a final line that shows the dad”s measure.

A lovely gift idea if they like this sort of thing. There are other personalised glasses that you could get perfect for drinks like wine or beer. 

Check out this “dad’s measure” whiskey glass

Hammer multi-tool

You can’t go wrong with a nifty gadget and this one is perfect for any dads who like to be able to fix things “on the go”.

This hammer multi-tool has it all and will help with any dilemma needing a screwdriver or knife on the go. The perfect gift for any man who loves a gadget. 

Check out this hammer multi-tool

Guitar pick

If your dad likes to play the guitar then look no further than this personalised guitar pick. It is the perfect little keepsake and while very usable, will also serve as a reminder of how much they are cared for and loved.

This is a little more niche, but if they do love playing the guitar it would make an excellent gift for Father’s Day. 

Check out this guitar pick

Screwdriver gift set

Many fathers love to have all the tools necessary to take on any DIY project or household chore in the home.

This screwdriver gift set has one main component and then 60 different attachments that will handle any job that is needed. They all are stored neatly away in the portable case. 

Check out this screwdriver gift set

Electric shaver 

If they like to be well-groomed then an electric shave could make a great option when it comes to a gift for Father’s day.

This Braun electric smart care shaver does all of the hard work for them and also helps them to create the look they are after. There are a few different attachments and settings as well. 

Check out this electric shaver

Skincare gift set

Keeping on the theme of looking after themselves the one thing they may not often buy for themselves would be skin care products or things to do with self-care.

This Nivea set has everything a man needs to take better care of their skin. There are other sets online when you look but this one is a great option.

You might also want to bear in mind if your dad or the man in your life has sensitive skin. You can often buy sets that suit different skin types. 

Check out this skincare gift set


Last of all, who doesn’t love something comfortable to relax in and slippers are a great gift for someone. These blue Dunlop ones are soft on the inside and durable on the outside.

Especially when they may need to run out on a Sunday to put the bins out for the following day. However, there are lots of different options that may suit your dad more so make sure you search them out online. 

Check out these slippers

I hope this has given you plenty of inspiration for those last-minute gifts for Father’s Day.

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