Losing Weight in 2010 – How to Get Rid of the Pregnancy Pounds

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a huge challenge this year. I know you probably told yourself over the holidays that 2010 was when you would start your new diet and work out vigorously. January the 1st comes around and you say to yourself today is that start of your commitment. After only a few hours or maybe a few days if your will is strong you fumble and fall straight back into old habits. Why is that? Why can’t you stick to it?

First of the saying “old habits die hard” is true. You have been used to a particular way of living for a very long time, to say you are going to change and just do it without any thought is very very hard to do. Failure is inevitable. Second because it is hard to change habits, you have to plan and I am sure you didn’t really make much of a plan did you? You thought your commitment would be enough.

Unfortunately it takes mental effort to change automatic behaviours you have become accustomed too. The best way to make transition easy is to plan and make small changes at a time. What changes to make?

First of all I would take a few days to observe your eating patterns. Write down everything you eat and drink and note whether you ate something out of hunger or whether it was pure emotion. When you have this information seeing where you can make small simple changes becomes much easier.

Lots of people find cutting out meat or cutting out dairy has a huge impact on their weight. Others find cutting out all beverages and only sticking to water and herbal tea makes dramatic changes too. Once you have established some success this way then you can move onto changing other things.

Getting in daily exercise is also important not just to lose weight but for your mood. Starting out with simply going for a walk daily can help. Sometimes this is all I can fit into my day but it is really important not only for me but my son enjoys it too!

One final tip for losing the weight is to take a before picture and update after 4-6 weeks. When you do this you get to see the results and what has changed. Even if you don’t lose many pounds your shape reveals more and you most likely will see you have lost more than your scales can tell you. This is a great motivator to keep you going.

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