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M/39/5’9” [264lbs > 245lbs = 19lbs] first post 2 Month progress

M/39/5’9” [264lbs > 245lbs = 19lbs] first post 2 Month progress

Hi Everyone, been lurking here for a while and decided to post my humble story and progress.

Having been obese for such a long time, I decided to take charge of my life one fine Sunday evening in early Feb, and signed up for a gym. At the same time, I started batch cooking my meals on sundays and packing them in tupperware and freezing them.

I love cooking and food is truly my passion.
Unfortunately, when I am hungry, I just can’t control myself and binge eat all the wrong things. Having boxes of super tasty, high protein, low carb foods portioned in the right size, ready in the fridge/ freezer to warm up in microwave and trying to only eat those has been a game changer for me. I also started tracking my calorie intake and try to stay in deficit.

Attached is my current progress Even though the progress is slow and not much visible, I feel this is a sustainable approach vs other fad diets I tried. I also love the high after a sweaty workout at the gym, as well as seeing the weights slowly increase on the barbell.
I hope to come back in here in a few months to post a more inspiring transformation!

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