Man Buys Drone, Uses It To Follow His Wife

A Familiar Stalker

He was watching her from afar. She was unaware that he was following her moves. Even though they had been married for 18 years, there was still that element of surprise between them.

He stared at every movement of hers. He watched as she took her ponytail out. She was running her hands through her hair. “She had beautiful hair,” he thought. His admiration immediately turned to anger.

John And Donna


John and his wife, Donna lived together in a nice house in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. They have been married for 18 years and never experienced any marital problems. 

John and Donna had two beautiful kids, polite and well-behaved. The household was a loving one and for John, everything seemed perfect. As if it was too good to be true, and it was. 

The Perfect Couple

Despite having the odd fight and arguments, John and his wife were a match made in heaven. They seemed like the perfect couple. He loved his wife dearly and thought the feeling was mutual. But then he started noticing something wasn’t quite right with Donna. 

It all started when he noticed a change in her work life.

Keeping Up Appearances


As a photographer, John mostly worked from home, and Donna worked at the local pharmacy. She walked to and back from work everyday. But when she started arriving home late from work a lot, that’s when things got weird. 

She started to wear make-up again and dressed better.  

Acting Strange

John hadn’t seen Donna wear makeup in years. Once they got married and moved in together, Donna got comfortable without it. 

It didn’t bother John in the slightest but now seeing her dressed to impress once more made him a little envious. When John questioned her about it, she answered strangely. 

Brushing Him Off

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She was surprised he noticed and said she wasn’t wearing much. She just wanted to feel nice again at work. Her rebuffed answer made him curious. He asked why she was coming home later and later. 

“No reason, work is just very busy”, she replied. He tried to forget about it but he couldn’t shake feeling suspicious. 


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John couldn’t let it go, he needed to find out what she was up to. But how could he do that without her knowing? 

If John asked her about it again or interrogated her, there’s no doubt it would’ve turned into a big fight. Afterall, trust is the foundation of any relationship and if he was questioning that, that was a big deal. 

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