Man Furious Over Inheriting Old Car Until He Looks Under The Hood

Getting To Work

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The weeks began flying by, with Tommy’s brothers coming to the motel room he lived in to mock him. But he never cursed them out, only welcomed them with a cup of coffee and returned to work.

He’d also divided the sixty thousand his dad left him between school fees, the car repairs, and the transport money he’d need to take the vehicle to London. But he had no clue how long it would take to finish everything.

Two Years Down The Line


Two years passed, with Tommy’s still fixing the car. His brothers had put their childhood home on the market and left the country to chase whatever adventure their hearts desired. 

Of course, Tommy had tried to dissuade them from the endeavor, but they called security on him, forcing him to leave their premises. But now, he was putting the last finishes on the car. 

A Showstopper

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One look at the Shelby, and Tommy knew what his dad had been thinking. What was once an old derelict had transformed into a beauty that turned heads everywhere Tommy drove. 

After spending an additional month ensuring the car was running great, and each part was working, Tommy began planning for the trip to London. 

Going To London

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Tommy cleared his motel room and found a transporter truck to get him and his car to London. His brothers had long stopped visiting, and they’d chase him away each time he went to their respective apartments. 

They’d sent security after him once and even called the police occasionally. It was clear that they wanted nothing to do with him even though he was their blood and flesh. 

The Least Beautiful Thing

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Throughout the two years that Tommy had spent rebuilding the car, he’d learned to appreciate the little things in life. He wasn’t rich and had many problems that kept him up at night. 

He learned the value of money, planning, and hard work and understood the need to see things through. By the end of it all, the car was the least of the most beautiful things the experience had given him. But now that he was finished, he didn’t know what to expect next.  

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