Man Furious Over Inheriting Old Car Until He Looks Under The Hood

Gathering Dust

His dad had meant everything to him, and he hoped to become a man like him one day. His father’s passing had been sudden, and it was no surprise that everything changed afterward.

His brothers did their best to exclude him from their father’s multi-million dollar fortune and kicked him out of the home. The only thing he managed to get was a derelict car sitting in the garage and gathering dust. But his late dad had planned something his son never saw coming.

His Father

Pexels – Kindel Media

Tommy felt his heart split when he found out about his dad. He found himself living in a haze as the weeks went by, trying to ease the pain he was feeling. But things would not get any easier.

He had been close with his dad and had learned so much from him. His dad supported him in everything he did and was his best friend. He had promised his son that he would never leave his side, but when Tommy answered the phone that day, his entire world was turned upside down.

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