Man Is Lost For 30 Years Until A Car Drops Him Home In The Same Clothes

Like Seeing A Ghost

The car had driven away before anyone could react. After the car had stopped in front of the gate, the man stepped out and closed the passenger door.

The family looked on with wide eyes, not believing what they saw. Was there a ghost in their midst? Were their minds playing cruel tricks on them?

The Villagers Were Shocked

Youtube – Mauro De Bettio

Bacau, a city in Romania is well known for its colorful culture. The outskirts of the city, however, are mainly home to small villages.

Rural life here was not easy. Mainly farmers, the villagers mostly eeked out a living from cattle and agriculture. Usually quiet and uneventful, in 1991, a remote village in Eastern Bacau would experience a tragic event.

The Family Never Expected It


Vasile Gorgos was a simple family man. He often commuted to the city where he sought buyers for the cattle he raised.

His trips were ordinarily short and he always returned a few days later. On this occasion, however, as he said goodbye, Vasile’s family was unaware of just how long that goodbye would actually last.

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