Mom Refuses To Give Birth, Doctor Tells Dad To Take Her To McDonald’s ASAP

Wet Clothes

The pregnant lady was in shock. She felt water dripping down her inner thigh. ”This can’t be happening!” she screamed to herself.

She waddled over to her phone and called her husband. He wasn’t picking up.

She tried calling her husband again, but he wasn’t answering. “No Baby, not now!” she wailed. Her water broke too soon and the baby was on the way.

Nesting Home


Roxanne’s due date was fast approaching, and she was feeling a mix of excitement and nerves.

This was her first child and she had already started nesting in her cozy New Jersey home.

She had spent months preparing for this moment, reading all the books, attending prenatal classes, and making sure everything was ready for the arrival of her little one.

Prepared For The Worst


The expectant mothers’ due date was fast approaching. Roxanne had been anxiously waiting for this day for nine long months, and now it was finally here.

She put all her time into her baby and had everything planned out, from the nursery decor to the baby clothes.

But nothing could have prepared her for what was about to happen.

Morning Tinkle


It was a beautiful morning, and Roxanne was at home, doing some last-minute preparations for the baby’s arrival.

The doctor gave her strict instructions to stay hydrated during the summer heat.

Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen, and then a gush of water flowed out of her. Where was the water coming from?

It’s Happening


The shocked mother-to-be was just about to relax on the couch to watch TV. She felt the sudden gush of water between her legs and rubbed her thigh. Her heart raced as she realized that her water had broken.

She was in shock, but quickly snapped out of it and started to panic.

She knew that her husband Steven was at work and wouldn’t be home for at least a couple of hours.

Panic Mode


She panicked and didn’t know what to do.

She knew she needed to get to the hospital, but she was alone at home, and her husband Steven was at work.

She didn’t plan to have the baby so soon and she wasn’t ready. She called him immediately, and his phone rang. She tried again.

Emergency Situation


Finally, she got a hold of him, her voice trembling with fear. “Steven, my water broke! You need to come home right now!” she exclaimed.

Steven’s heart dropped as he heard the panic in her voice.

He quickly assured her that he was on his way and would be home as soon as possible. He didn’t know what to expect at home.

Not Part Of The Plan


As Steven rushed home, Roxanne paced back and forth, trying to control her breathing and stay calm.

She planned to have a home birth but now the baby came too soon.

She knew that she needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible, but there was one problem: she was hungry. Ravenous, in fact. She couldn’t think about anything else but food.

Halfway Stop


When Steven finally arrived, he found Roxanne standing in the kitchen, munching on a bag of chips.

“We need to go to the hospital!” he exclaimed. He ran around the house grabbing her bag and personal items.

But Roxanne shook her head, “I can’t go on an empty stomach. Let’s go to McDonald’s first, please!” Steven looked at his wife like she was insane.

Strange Request


Steven had rushed home to find his wife stressed and in pain. He wanted to take her to the hospital, but Roxanne insisted on going to McDonald’s first because she was hungry.

“The baby is more important than your hunger right now Roxy, you can eat at the hospital okay my baby,” Steven said, trying to coax her.

Roxanne was livid, “I am not having that hospital food! take me to McDonald’s right now!” she screamed at him. Her eyes were big and crazy, and Steven was scared.

Don’t Mess With A Pregnant Lady


Steven was frantic but knew he had no choice but to fulfill his wife’s request. When she wanted something, nothing could stop her.

Steven was torn. He knew that time was of the essence, but he also knew that Roxanne was insistent on getting some food.

So, he reluctantly agreed and they made their way to the nearest McDonald’s.

Last Meal For Me


They drove to McDonald’s, and Roxanne wanted a heavy meal with chicken burgers, fries, and apple pie.

As she was describing her perfect order to Steven, she then felt a sharp pain again and told Steven to call the doctor.

Steven was struggling to connect his hands-free kit and the minivan was swerving around on the road.

Impatiently Pregnant


As they pulled into the drive-through, Roxanne’s contractions started to intensify. She was in pain but also famished.

“What’s taking so long?” the aggressive pregnant lady screamed at her husband.

The drive-through was taking too long, and Roxanne couldn’t wait any longer. She made Steven carry her inside to order. Steven picked his pregnant wife up and carried her across the parking lot.

I Want It All


Once inside, Roxanne ordered the biggest burger on the menu and a large side of fries.

“And a double thick chocolate milkshake too,” she said, her eyes hungry for more. The cashier looked at her as though she was mad. But she didn’t care.

As she wolfed down her meal, she looked like a woman possessed. There was tomato sauce on the side of her mouth, and her hair was disheveled. She looked crazy, her appetite insatiable.

On The Way


As they sat there, Roxanne suddenly felt a sharp pain. “I think the baby is coming!” she exclaimed, her eyes wide with panic.

The burger dropped from her hand as she clutched her stomach in pain.

“Oh my! It’s coming! It’s coming!” she sat on top of the order counter and started to breathe heavily.

It’s Now Or Never


Steven frantically called the doctor, but they were unavailable. They had no choice but to wait it out.

He felt an emergency message at the hospital and tried getting a hold of the gynecologist on his cellphone.

Roxanne’s contractions were getting worse and Steven tried his best to get her to do the breathing exercise she was taught.

Free Show


The patrons in McDonald’s started to take notice, and soon everyone was freaking out.

Some were taking videos of the woman in labor on the McDonald’s counter. Roxanne was in agony, but also embarrassed.

She didn’t want to be the center of attention in such a public place. Some ladies tried to block her but others pushed them out of the way because they were blocking their view.

That ‘Aint My Job


Steven tried to move his wife from the counter. It was a mission with all the commotion.

The other patrons were not helpful. The staff was not amused.

One of the cashiers said “I don’t get paid enough for this”, and threw a dishcloth at Steven and walked to the back. Roxanne screamed out, “Give me some space people, please! This isn’t a movie!”

Cleanup On Aisle One


There was a moment of silence as everybody realized they had to get the pregnant screaming lady out of there.

The doctor on call was still not available, and they had to wait for what felt like an eternity.

Meanwhile, all the patrons in McDonald’s were freaking out, and some were taking videos of the woman in labor on the counter.

All For Nothing


Finally, the doctor arrived, and he assessed Roxanne’s condition.

Steven was shocked to hear what the doctor said. Roxanne burst into tears and caressed her stomach.

They were waiting for him for almost an hour, and it had all been for nothing. How could they have been so stupid? How could they not have known?

It Happened At Once


The Doctor told her that she was having Braxton Hicks contractions. Also, her incontinence was due to the late stage of her pregnancy, and her drinking too many fluids.

Having a heavy meal didn’t help with the acid reflux she was feeling in her stomach.

It was a false labor. Roxanne was embarrassed, and she couldn’t believe she had caused such a commotion in McDonald’s.

It Makes Sense


The young couple was embarrassed by their stupidity. They should have taken more precautions.

Steven felt sorry for his wife because she was young and alone, so he didn’t reprimand her. He hoped that nobody posted anything online.

But it was too late. The videos and pictures of her in labor at McDonald’s had already gone viral on social media. Roxanne had become an internet sensation overnight.

Local Stars


The next few days were a whirlwind for Roxanne and Steven. They were bombarded with calls, messages, and interview requests from various media outlets.

They even received offers to appear on reality TV shows. Reporters would stand outside their house and ask stupid questions like “Would you name your child Ronald McDonald?”.

Roxanne was about to punch one of them if Steven hadn’t stopped her.

They Should Pay Me For This


Roxanne was overwhelmed and didn’t know how to handle all the attention. She felt like a spectacle, and she hated it.

She just wanted to focus on her baby’s arrival and forget about the embarrassing incident at McDonald’s.

But the internet had other plans. Memes and parodies of her labor at McDonald’s flooded social media, and she couldn’t escape them. It seemed like everyone had an opinion about her and her pregnancy.

Holding Her Head High


Despite all the negative attention, Roxanne remained determined to have a healthy pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby. She tried her best to ignore the haters and focus on what really mattered, her family.

She fought back and gave an official statement, “I am heavily pregnant and this mistake could have happened to anyone.

It’s a shame that people are too immature to understand the severity of pregnancy! I am not your entertainment, people!” she said.

Your Order Is Ready


Her public statement made some reporters back down, but there were still many memes going around of her on the McDonald’s counter. Steven comforted her and told her not to worry about it anymore.

As her due date approached, Roxanne went into labor again, but this time, she was in the comfort of her own home.

Steven was there with her, and they welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world.

Best Delivery Ever


The birth of their daughter was the most magical moment of their lives, and it made them forget all the negativity surrounding Roxanne’s labor at McDonald’s.

Some reporters tried their luck outside the hospital but the security got rid of them.

The proud parents named their daughter Rose, after her mother. She was healthy and had rosy cheeks. They were a happy family of three, and nothing else mattered in the world.

A Lot To Take Away


Roxanne and Steven decided to keep a low profile and stay away from the limelight. They wanted to raise their daughter in peace and away from all the attention they had received during the pregnancy.

But would the reporters leave them alone?

They didn’t post any pictures of baby Roses’ face and eventually, the hype went away. Finally, the loving couple could raise their child in peace.

No Harm Done


Years went by, and Roxanne’s embarrassing labor at McDonald’s became a distant memory. Roxanne was a great mother and one would say that her embarrassing incident even caused her to be a better mother.

Their daughter grew up to be a happy and healthy child, and they were grateful for the little family they had created. Rose is old enough to eat solids.

Roxanne took her to visit Mcdonald’s. Together they ate and the playful mother tells her daughter about how much she loves fast food, so much so, that she ‘almost’ chose it over her one time.

Happy Meals For All


Looking back, Roxanne realized that sometimes, unexpected things in life could lead to beautiful outcomes. As a mother, she learned to make the best out of the worst.

Now whenever Roxanne takes Rose for a happy meal at Mcdonald’s and asks her how she is enjoying her food, the little girl says, “I’m Lovin’ it!”

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.

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