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Possible Side Effects And Symptoms Of Detoxification When Starting A Healthy Nutritional Program

Possible side effects and symptoms of detoxification when starting a healthy nutritional program are one of the most common reasons that people abandon wellness and weight loss programs. They often feel different when their nutrition changes and they mistakenly interpret those changes as a problem with the product or the program they are using.

When you launch a better nutritional program there simply isn’t any way to avoid the side effects of some detoxification. You are feeding your cells better nutrition and the body will be in a hurry to get rid of the grunge that it has warehoused. The symptoms of detoxification can vary depending on how severe the change to the system is and how many toxins were part of the previous inferior diet.

The food we eat becomes part of our cellular makeup. When the process begins of replenishing the cells with premium nutrition first place the inferior materials start making their exit through the bloodstream on their way to final elimination. Some of the symptoms can be tiredness, pain, and headaches. This is especially common when the diet previously included excessive amounts of caffeine. These symptoms rarely last more than three days and a very obvious recovery will be experienced.

The detoxing process is not over at this point. The body will continue to push out the old garbage as newer, better nutrition is supplied. The body stays focused on eliminating the junk that has filled the tissues. Typically the higher the BMI (Body Mass Index) the greater the percentage of body fat and the higher the content of toxins and stagnant material. In other words, the detoxification process may take longer or be more obvious.

Some people have had skin rashes or pimples and other blemishes as the body eliminates toxins through the skin. The symptoms can seem so similar to allergies that doctors have been known to insist the program be discontinued as a result of not understanding this aspect of nutrition.

This is simply nature’s housecleaning. The Center for Disease Control reports that 70% of chronic disease is related to nutrition. It’s the accumulation of these toxins in our system and the body’s effort to build up a tolerance that brings the symptoms and effects of headaches, fever, colds, skin conditions, bowel disease, and more chronic and life-threatening diseases.

Some people who are improving in nutrition may have headaches at the beginning, fever and/or colds, skin breakouts, bowel sluggishness, occasional diarrhea, tiredness, nervousness, irritability, negativity, etc. Some people are not affected by the cleansing process at all… if you are, BEAR WITH IT!

If you have chosen an established and reputable product or program the following steps will support the smoothest transition to better health:

  • Be consistent and follow your program
  • Stay hydrated
  • Work with your coach or adviser to discuss any side effects or symptoms you may have.

Making the change to better nutrition for wellness or weight loss is worth the effort. Hang in there and you’ll be thrilled with the results.

Source by Tom Bradley

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