Priscilla Presley Tell-All And It Shows Why Elvis Was No King

Anything But Perfect.

There are many famous household names, but only a few of them will leave an impact on pop culture as Elvis Presley has, and his presence is still enormous. Most people will recognize his name and his influence on music.

His fanbase is broad, but many of the community classify as superfans. These people often put their idols on a pedestal, refusing that they are anything but perfect. But Priscilla, his ex-wife, would disagree.  

The Army 

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She met him at the young age of 14 when her family moved to Germany in the 50s. Elvis had been enthralled because she wasn’t starstruck like all the other girls he had met.

After the two had sent letters to each other for almost two years, he eventually won her over. At this point, Elvis was finishing his time in the army and had been experimenting with amphetamines.


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Early into their relationship, they had to endure being very far apart. A long-distance relationship is generally complicated to maintain, even more so when your partner is a famous singer.

After a couple of years, they moved in together and dated for seven more years. Priscilla realizes now, in retrospect, that there had been problems back then as well.   


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They already faced difficulties in their relationship well before they got married. There were constant rumors that he was cheating on her with his co-actors.

He had still been in the army, and during this time, he lost his mother due to complications with hepatitis. It devastated him, and it had been something that he never recovered from. After this significant life event, things had only gone downhill.  

8 Minutes

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They married in 1967 at a Las Vegas hotel while keeping their relationship a secret. She got to marry the most eligible bachelor of the time but still felt very disappointed once she got a glimpse of what their life would be like.

Their wedding was almost 8 minutes long. Some might not think that this is romantic in the slightest. After marrying Elvis, Priscilla got to see an even more troubling side of Elvis.


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Priscila said that he had been highly possessive and very controlling after they got married. He told her what to wear and say. He had an opinion on everything that she was and thought.

He had also apparently been obsessed with her remaining young and beautiful. He detested wrinkles and grey hairs. She became scared of the man that she married.  

Dark Side  

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He had an even darker side if that hadn’t been bad enough. Whether his drug habits had played a role is undetermined, but he did struggle with anger management.

He became violent during one of his episodes, which scared her. It has never been confirmed that he was physically abusive, but he did things that made her feel unsafe, like taking shots at the TV.  

Not Without His Flaws

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This has come to light because of Priscilla’s memoir, in which she spoke of gruesome tales about her marriage with The King of Rock and Roll. However, he remains in the hearts of many and still has plenty of adoring fans.

Especially now after a film has been released based on the life of Elvis. It would do well to be reminded that this man, even though he might be a musical icon, is everything, but perfect is not one of them. Like everyone else, he had his flaws.    

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