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There are so many weight loss programs being developed today. This is quite understandable as there is no single weight loss program that is suitable for all body types, ages, or gender. Each body responds differently to weight loss programs, making it a trial and error phase until you finally find the right program for your body type, age, and even gender.

Yes, that is correct. There are specific weight loss programs that are only suitable for men and women. This means that though a specific weight loss program may appear effective, if it is not suitable for your gender, you may have very little to no benefit in doing it. This applies to women most especially. There are numerous weight loss programs being introduced, but not all of those are applicable for the general physique of women. In this light, the Venus Factor Diet System was developed.

What is the Venus Factor Diet System?
Venus Factor is a fitness as well as a diet system specifically designed and developed for the female bodies. This diet system has become increasingly famous to many women all over the world since it has a potential to reshape the female body more effectively than other diet and fitness approaches. What makes the Venus Factor special is that, it can help women lose at least 10 pounds of extra weight where they need it most. It also shares breakthrough tips that can help many women lose some pounds. This diet system also promises that it can keep off this weight for good. Amazing, right?

What’s more, the Venus Factor also shares that it can help you lose weight while also helping you strategically eat your favorite food cravings. The Venus Factor can also help you determine those foods, which are claimed as “healthy”, but cannot really help you lose even a single pound.

Basically, the Venus Factor weight loss program will help you loss extra weight or fats in your body through dieting. Then, once your ideal weight is achieved, it will help you tone your muscles so you can reshape your body.

What is included in the Venus Factor Program?
The program is made up of several components based on the Venus Index. The Venus Index is a concept that determines the measurements of your height, hip, and waist to get the ideal measurements for your body. The Venus Factor includes:
• An Eating Guide
The Venus Factor eating guide will inform you how you should eat to get your ideal body shape.

• A Workout Schedule and Manual
This workout schedule and manual is made up of about 12 weeks of workout routines that covers three different phases, 4 weeks each phase.

• Community Affiliation and Membership
This will allow you to meet other women who are also using the Venus Factor even if you are just working out and applying it from home.

The Venus Factor Review
While the Venus Factor weight loss program may be most suitable for women, it also comes with its own sets of pros and cons that you may need to know before purchasing it and using it.

• The Pros and Cons
o Pros
• Great Workout Routines
The workout routines that the Venus Factor diet offers are very easy and effective. Even women who are new to exercising and working out will be able to easily pick up the routines, especially because the Venus Factor package included pictures, videos, and descriptions on how these workouts can be done correctly.

• No Need to Spend Money on Workout Equipment
The Venus Factor offers very simple exercises, which do not require any specific workout equipment purchase. You can do it right from your home and only using the items you have there.

• No Need to Limit or Even Stop Eating the Food that You Love
Most diet and weight loss programs would require you to stop eating your favorite food and even halt your cravings. However, Venus Factor is completely different. It also does not force you to compute all the calories in the food that you eat. You will instead learn how you should adjust your eating habits so you can maintain and achieve the body that you want.

• Risk Free Diet Program
This is another plus for the Venus Factor diet program. It offers an easy 60-day money back guarantee if after some time you are not showing any signs of progress or if you do not like the method.

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