Studies show that when calories are calculated for weight loss you can eat anyth…

🔹Studies show that when calories are calculated for weight loss you can eat anything and lose weight.

🔹So why isn’t there a pizza diet?

🔹Highly processed foods or fast foods lack a lot of the important nutrients we need, deficiencies can cause lack of energy, poor recovery and illnesses.

🔹They are also low in volume and high in calories. This makes it hard to feel satisfied with our meals.

🔹One of the main ways our body regulates appetite is by the volume of our food.

🔹When foods occupy little space in our stomach our brains think we need to eat more. This will leave you feeling hungry even if you’ve consumed adequate calories.

🔹Processed foods are designed to hit as many pleasure centers in your brain as possible, making it really hard to stop eating once you’ve started. Good luck sticking to a junk food diet for very long.

🔹Plus when we talk about weight loss, ideally we want to hold on to our lean muscle mass and focus on fat loss. If you don’t eat adequate protein you’ll end up losing both, leaving you with a less than ideal body composition.

🔹Does this mean you should give up processed foods altogether when trying to lose weight?

🔹Absolutely not.

▪️It’s really hard to stick to any diet when you deprive yourself of any one thing. Chances are you’ll quit or over eat that thing later on.


▪️Do you want to lose weight but don’t want to do a restrictive diet? I’ll be starting a support group in January, or you can click on the link and download my free guide.

▪️There is a way to lose weight and feel good while including the foods you love, you just need the right guidance.

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