Taxi Driver Picks Up 13-Year-Old Girl, Then Follows Her

Filled With Anxiety

For more than an hour, they had been on the road. As she watched the trees pass by, the girl continued to be silent and kept her fingers hidden behind her legs.

He took a second look at her and noticed her anxiety. The train station was about to appear. His entire body was filled with fear. He realized that this was his only opportunity.

The Man Behind The Wheel

Public Domain

Satbir Arora had been a cab driver for the better part of his adult life. He enjoyed his job, seeing how much he helped transit people from one part of Oxfordshire to the other. 

To Arora, being a cabby was more than driving. He saw himself as responsible for everyone who stepped into his vehicle. He had no idea how much this mentality would change his life. 

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