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So many of us have started working from home since Covid started. So we need to make it look like the office at work. And that might be having funny and rude things on the wall or the desk. Funny and rude gifts are really popular at Christmas because they make people laugh. These gifts are even perfect for someone at a home office or at work in the office. They even give people something to talk about on the Zoom calls! These funny gifts for the office, include some rude sweary gifts. So if you are under 18, look away now!

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The ‘F’ Word

Rude Candles With Quotes are great to help you relax as you work in the office. The ‘My Last Fuck‘ candle is £9.99, but you can also just buy the sticker label for £2.79. Then you can apply it to any candle that you buy. It smells of vanilla, so it is comforting and relaxing as you answer those work emails.

The She Gave No F*cks notebook is a matt laminated cover and is printed and manufactured in the UK on high-quality paper. We all need notebooks when we work in the office, so this colourful Barbie style swearing book is quite appropriate at times. It is a bargain price of £6.99

Office Joke Pencils are always a winner! With these rude and funny pencils, you will always know when people have taken them. There is one for every working day of the week, naming each day with a rude sweary name. The wood is engraved with the wording. And if you want to have something specific written on there you just drop them an email. These pencils are great for an office secret Santa gift because they are only £5.99.

The exclusive zero fucks design notebook has 60 lined pages for someone to write as many sweary words as they like. The book is written with a nice written font. The book is A5 size so perfect for the office table or a work bag. The front and back covers are plastic to protect them even more. The notebook can be personalised with someone’s name too for the extra touch. The book is £8.50 from Etsy.

Whether this bag of Fucks sits on their desk at work or on a bookshelf, let it be a physical reminder that their fucks are a precious resource. Don’t let all the frustrations in the world distract them from what’s really important. This is a great gag gift for someone and is a bargain at £5.75

Annoying Email And Meetings Joke Gifts

We all get those emails where you repeat yourself over and over again. So the rude coffee mug with a ‘per my last email’ quote on there makes a good present for a colleague or someone working from home. Anyone working from home or in the office will be used to repeating themselves over and over again. The mug is £6.99 from Etsy.

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Another great gift for someone in the office is ”As per my last email – you better re-read the whole thing again” Paperback Notepad. A great addition to the office desk. It is to the point and there are 150 pages for them to write obscenities. The notebook is £9.00 for A5 and £11.00 for A4.

Another email mug for someone’s office is the ”Sorry for Being Unclear” mug. People not listening to emails and choosing to see what they want to see is annoying. So this is great for the person who receives emails that are not read properly. The mug is dishwasher proof and only £11.00 with free delivery.

A t-shirt for the work from home person, we are all enjoying not needing a tie and shirt for work. This casual ”I survived another meeting that should have been an email” unisex t-shirt is unisex and ideal for comfortable working. It is available in sizes small to 5XL and prices start at £15.37. There are 7 colours to choose from.

Gifts Under A Fiver

This lovely coworker appreciation gift is a lovely handmade 10cm hanging heart made from the finest 3mm birch wood. The gift is Painted in white with a hand-stamped verse and finished with twine to hang. It costs £4.00 from a UK business and delivery is in a few days. It is perfect for colleagues that you get on really well with.

The Mindset Definition Office Print is available from Etsy for a bargain price of £4.00. Mindset is important to get your work done, so a little reminder on the wall of the office is always a good thing. They start at postcard size (A6) for £4.00 and work their way up in price. You can also buy them with a picture frame or without, the choice is yours.

This personalised desk nameplate says ‘my secret Santa thinks I’m a turd. And it is perfect for the people who don’t take life too seriously! It sits on any desk and you can have it personalised with any name. This nameplate comes with magnets on the back to stick it onto a metal filing cabinet. As well as a stand to place it on a desk too. To make it stand up, you just pull out the acrylic stand on the back. It is an absolute bargain at £3.99.

Buying a bottle of wine for someone in the office is very popular, but why not personalise it with a ‘‘I Think Being Your Employee Is Enough Of A Christmas Gift” label? You even get to personalise it with a message on the bottom. Each label is printed to order and is only £3.95 from the Liverpool based company. If you want more of a bespoke label, you can drop them an email with your ideas.

Where ever you work there is always an office Grinch! Someone who hates Christmas or pretends to hate it. So the Office Grinch Christmas badge is perfect for them. They can wear it on the run-up to Christmas and to the office party. As it is only £2.49, you can pop it into a Christmas card or just leave it on their desk.

The ”Every day I Go Into Work With Good Intentions” mug is just a little over £5. But as it is humourous, I wanted to add it anyway. The mug is handmade in the UK, and postage is free. The design is put on the ceramic mug with sublimation and is handwash and dishwasher proof. The mug is on a special offer of £5.39 from Etsy.

I hope these gifts for the office ideas help you out with your Christmas shopping.

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