The Best Blow Dryer Brushes, Your Next Must-Have Hair Tool

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Not too long ago, we took some time to review the Harry Josh Pro hair dryer — one of our top recommendations when it comes to reliable and efficient hair-drying tools. We love everything that has to do with getting rid of stubborn, frizzy hair and lifeless waves and want to welcome hair that is full of volume and shine. With this in mind, we’ve reviewed our top 15 recommendations when it comes to achieving a professional salon look, for half the time and half the money. 

Introducing the latest innovation in the beauty industry

It’s very likely you already own a blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron, the list can go on and on. And unless you obtain the rare ability to keep all of these organized — props to you if you do! — it’s likely you find yourself in a frustrating mess of wires throughout your hair routine. We’ve all been there!

 What if we told you there is one tool capable of replacing all of these in one? By this, we mean no more tangled cords or struggling holding your hairbrush and blow dryer at the same time — ending with beautiful locks. Think it sounds too good to be true? Lucky for you, it isn’t! In case you haven’t heard the buzz behind this innovative product on social media, we’d like to introduce to you: hair-dryer brushes. In the past few months, the internet has been filled with thousands of videos of people trying out some of the newest models on the market, promising to change their hair and blow-drying game forever. In today’s post, we’re about to learn which ones deserve all of the praise and fame, including our hot take at the end. 

The beauty behind hot airbrushes is the flexibility and convenience they have to offer, providing a salon blowout with no experience required nor the need to pay a fortune. Although hair-dryer brushes have been around for a long time, and perhaps, you’ve already given some of the older models a try, it all seems to indicate companies have decided to up their game, promising buyers a whole new level of product performance and results never seen before. After some thorough research and consideration of past users’ reviews, we’ve put together a list of the best blow dryer brushes of 2021, helping you decide which ones are worth the buzz and which ones are not. Continue reading to find out our top recommendations and what each product has to offer. You might be surprised at the number of options you can choose from, including some you’ve probably never even heard of before. Let’s jump right in! 

Best overall blow dryer

Price: $150

Relying on the use of iconic and innovative blow-dying technology formulated to help seal users’ hair cuticles for a fabulous and unique finish look, the Drybar Double Shot brush’s oval shape offers a whole new dimension of convenience and comfort. It is strategically built for damaged hair, providing users with customizable temperature settings that stay within the safest range necessary to achieve a salon blowout. This is without overheating or causing further harm to their hair. 

Last, but not least, it won the Best Beauty Award for Best Hair Tool thanks to its dazzling results and ease of use. And that’s what we call one great start to this blog! Without a doubt, this is one of our favorite ones and is fully deserving of all the praise and optimistic reviews it has gotten. 

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: $49.99

Then we have one of our most popular recommendations, the Revlon One-Step Volumizer hair dryer brush. This innovative product is strategically designed to smooth hair and get rid of frizz while delivering a voluminous look, all in one step. With rounded edges meant to provide a playful and vivid look, plus,  powerful frizz-reducing technology, we testify and confirm this one-of-a-kind hairstyling tool truly deserves all the buzz it has received all over the internet. 

We especially love that it is built to provide just the right amount of heat, without compromising style and efficacy. Unlike conventional blow dryers, The Revlon One-Step Volumizer hairdryer brush can be placed closer to the scalp for a better grip and unique results. And best of all, no more taking four hours to achieve a dazzling blowout. Just a few runs through your hair, and you should be set.

The Best Blow Dryer for a Natural Look with Biotin Infusion: BOLDIFY Professional Dry Brush

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: $88

This volume-inducing blow dryer brush combines the unique abilities of a professional-grade blow dryer and those of a round brush in one single tool, making a reality of something once thought impossible. Yes, we’ve all seen tons of blow-dryer brushes out there, most providing only the minimum. The majority of times, you either get a great blow dryer but a wonky brush, while others, you get a useless airflow with an ok brush.  However, the BOLDIFY blow dryer brush makes it possible to combine both hairstyling tools, without the need to compromise the quality or potency of neither for a faster and less damaging blowout.

 This innovative tool also relies on keratin and biotin-infused ceramic plates, enhancing each of its user’s hair, offering a new dimension of heat protection and hair health benefits. Its unique style and shape allow for the creation of numerous hairstyles varying from A-class beachy waves to bouncy or straight silky locks. The sky is the limit when it comes to this innovative and original product. 

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: $39.99

Specifically designed to tame a lion’s mane (we truly think it could if necessary), this innovative hairstyling tool is perfect for drying and straightening any section of your hair in just one quick step. It comes in a different design than most of its competitors, offering a large and light-weighted paddle brush capable of drying, straightening, and detangling hair without any snagging or pain. Run it just once, and you’ll immediately notice the difference in texture and frizziness. 

Last, but not least, Powered by ionic technology meant to target frizziness and provide some immediate moisture and hydration, it certainly had to be part of our top 5’s.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: $48.94

It doesn’t get any easier than this! WIth the INFINITIPRO Knot Dr. blow dryer brush by Conair, you won’t even need to bother by pulling or wrapping your hair around the blow dryer brush’s bristles. Not only does this fascinating tool eliminate the need to hustle between holding your brush and hairdryer at the same time, but it also takes care of all the hair lifting and wrapping for you through its unique and remarkable rotating feature. With just the touch of a button, your hair is gently wrapped around, leaving behind beautifully curled edges. 

Relying on a ceramic-coated barrel and painless detangling bristles, the INFINITIPRO Knot Dr. brush creates the perfect professional blowout for those with little to no experience. Users simply need to run the tool through their hair and press any of the available buttons when tension or pulling is necessary. And unlike other hair dryer brushes out there that ended up tearing large clumps of hair, the INFITIPRO brush is known to be entirely painless and super gentle on all hair types.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: $30.45

Perfect for wet or damp hair in need of styling and volume; this versatile hair dryer brush creates some of the most gorgeous and full-bodied curls one can get. Its unique barrel design and ball-tipped bristles help to gently comb and smooth the hair, making it a great solution for those with fine or thin hair and those looking for painless results. 

Besides its ultra smoothing abilities, this unique hairstyling tool comes with a curl release feature. The Hot Tools hair dryer brush’s barrel rotates on its own, unlocking and releasing some of the most beautiful curls, free of knots and snagging. With the softest touch possible, this original tool offers a fast and snag-free blow-drying and curling experience for any hair type.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: 39.99

Advanced ionic technology that gets 2 times the shine and 3 times the frizz control of any blow dryer out there, in the fastest way possible. Not to be confused with the other INFINITIPRO Titanium Ceramic hair dryer brush, this one offers the combined benefits of ceramic and titanium for better heat distribution, bringing a salon-worthy blowout to your home.

It promises a significant increase in the number of ions produced when compared to others in the market. With more ions, users can expect increased hydration and silkiness and significantly less frizz and dryness. Plus, its ceramic and titanium material makes it a great option for those worried about heat damage to their hair. This is truly an all-in-one hairdryer brush!

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: $43.20

With an oval design and mixed pattern bristles, the Bed Head blow dryer brush offers unique texture and definition, adding some much-needed shine and style to dull and dreary hair. It can be the perfect solution for those seeking to add more volume and definition to their blowouts while minimizing time and effort! It seems to work well on fine and thick hair, providing a shiny and glossy finish with every use. Its heating technology allows for close root exposure without burning the scalp, allowing for a smooth look without the need for a hair straightener. Users can easily attempt new styles and twists thanks to the blow dryer’s unique oval shape and lightweight structure.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: $95.95

Whether you’re looking for extra volume or simply less work, this all-in-one hair styling tool can offer you mega definition and some of the most beautifully curled ends in little to no time! It comes in the perfect traveling size for a voluminous look wherever you go.

It also provides low setting and high setting temperature adjustment, allowing for tailored results according to your specific hair type and heat tolerance. Its oval-shaped barrel and titanium plates create some of the most gorgeous and thick round waves no matter your hair length. When compared to cheap hair dryers on the market, this one offers significantly reduced drying and styling time. Even its low-setting heat goes a long way!

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: $44.95

Just by taking a quick look at some of the customers’ reviews, you can instantly notice the value behind this original and innovative hairstyling tool. Making some cry with joy and others scared of how good it was at blow-drying their hair in such a short time, the FairyBrave hair dryer brush will surely have you turning heads everywhere you go! Beyond its powerful airflow and convenient structure, many love it due to its heat distribution capacities, protecting their hair from heat damage or any burnt odors. 

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice burnt and fried aroma on their hair to their first date or a night out with girlfriends? I think it goes without saying that none of us do! Unfortunately, the number is more than zero for the amount of blow dryer brushes out there that not only produce a strong burnt odor but also air fry our scalps. This is an absolute big no for us! For those of us who enjoy the fresh smell of a professional blowout, the FairyBrave hair dryer brush is one of our best and most affordable options when it comes to achieving a jaw-dropping look. Besides, it also comes with a teasing comb, offering some extra smoothness and finish touch to our final look. Making it a favorite for many — including us!

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: $40.00

One of the coolest features, and probably what sets this hair styling tool apart from the competition, is its activated charcoal-infused barrel and bristles, which make for a great refresh or second-day retouch. The activated charcoal helps get rid of sebum and impurities, letting your hair breathe and accomplish a fresher look. So there you have it! if you’re like most of us, you’ll probably appreciate the opportunity of getting a fresh blowout even after days of having washed your hair. Nevertheless, this is not all there is to this out-of-the-ordinary tool. Its particular H7 oval shape design makes it great for hair straightening, and its ceramic coating provides users with some much-needed heat protection. 

The Hot Tools Pro Signature blow dryer brush equals flat iron results without the common risks and damage associated with them! And without a doubt, you can expect professional results without spending hours in front of a mirror or a dent in your pocket. 

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: $22.99

Thanks to its small shape and super lightweight structure, this innovative and one-of-a-kind hairstyling tool offers a significantly smooth experience, allowing for ease of use and manipulation. This usually means more styling and less struggling. We can assure you that you’ll be surprised at how lightweight it is! You’ll very likely forget you’re holding a blow dryer as you dry your hair. It comes with three heat speeds and a detachable brush head that can be interchanged for any of the other brush sizes that come with it. This provides easy adaptability to the user’s hair thickness and length, while also offering bigger or smaller locks.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: $58.6

The Omo Team professional blowout styling brush offers some of the latest technology out there when it comes to the beauty world. It comes with ionic technology and ceramic coating for a smooth and frizz-free look, and like most of its competitors, it holds an oval shape for easier styling and more room for creativity. 

One unique feature is its professional 360-degree swivel cord, allowing for easy movement and rotation without the need to change hands or angles. It’s super lightweight and convenient, easily fitting in most people’s suitcases or travel bags. With ball-tipped bristles that allow for a smooth transition through your hair and no pulled strands, this one truly sets the bar when it comes to quality blow dryer brushes. 

The Best Blow Dryer brush for Damaged and Split Ends: TYMO Ionic Hot Air Brush

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: $49.99

With a titanium barrel and ionic technology for more frizz control and moisture, the TYMO styling brush offers an effortless and glossy look for half the styling time of traditional blow dryers. Its short tufted bristles allow for easier detangling and smoother roots, making it simple to lift the roots and turn your hair into a glossy sheet. 

Unlike many other cheap hair brushes, the TYMO hot airbrush comes with a 1100w motor, offering a speedy and potent hair drying experience. There is no need to run the brush through your hair multiple times, causing unnecessary friction and damage. In fact, this unique styling tool can help repair damaged hair and split ends thanks to its potent ionic technology, which helps add moisture and silkiness to your hair. Achieve perfectly straight hair or gorgeously curled ends in just a matter of minutes.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Price: $21.53

The Conair Hot Air Paddle Styler Brush gets the honor to be our final review for the day. Featuring 600w, this styling brush might be our last recommendation but not one we can go without mentioning. Better suited for hair straightening rather than adding volume, like many of its competitors, it comes with ion generating technology for less frizz and more shine. It is oftentimes preferred by many over flat irons, mainly because of its detangling abilities and safer contact with their hair. 

It comes in the shape of a regular brush, making it really easy to use. It works great on fine or damaged hair, offering a smooth, frizz-free finish look with every use! Get ready to say bye to brittle and frizzy hair; the time has come to shine and rock a head-turning blowout every time you leave the house. 

Our Hot Take

After some thorough thinking, taking into consideration quality, accessible features, and affordability, we came to the indisputable conclusion that our favorite hot airbrush for 2021 has to be the REVLON One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer. Of course, our other choices are great and many times recommended by recognized industry leaders. However, we made this our favorite option because it not only combines the unique features and abilities of all the choices we mentioned above, but it also comes at a very affordable price that shoppers will love.

Which blow dryer brush is right for you? Hopefully one on our list will make the cut and help give you beautiful hair day after day.

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