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The best mother’s day gifts your mum will love to receive

This selection of mother’s day gifts includes items I have been sent as PR samples to share with you. I only ever share items I do personally like though and won’t share rubbish!

When you are looking for mother’s day gifts for your mum, grandmother, partner or anyone else you want to spoil this year on Mother’s day it can be hard to find a gift that is different to those you have given them previously. I always get frustrated with the same choices available in the supermarkets and don’t always fancy browsing the shops. For that reason, a guide like this can be just what you need!


Have you read my article about how to choose a perfume? When you understand how perfumes are made and the difference between the top notes and the base notes you can find perfumes you know you will like without even smelling them.

A website called Fragrantica is also helpful and allows you to put in a fragrance you like and see which other scents you may like. I as surprised when I put one of my favourites in and it suggested many others I like also, so it definitely works!

The best mother's day gifts your mum will love to receive

Blends of Dubai, Amber Fleur is available in a lovely big 100ml bottle as shown above for £130 so it will last her a while. The scent is described as opening with Calabrian bergamot and Sicilian oranges and lemons, before unfolding into fruity middle notes and revealing a sweet, exotic and sensual heart of white musk, Madagascan vanilla and amber. If you think this would be a perfect mother’s days gift then you can buy it from DXB perfume and get 15% off using code Jen15.

The best mother's day gifts your mum will love to receive

Viali Royal Elixir is one of the Viali Mediterranean collection perfumes. This bottle is also a good size at 100ml so will be a good size gift for mum too. It is described as a fusion of Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian citrus and sweet fruits that bloom on a base of amber. Feather-light tones of musk lead into delicious Madagascan vanilla. The 100ml bottle is £75 from DXB perfumes and again you can use my discount code for 15% off with Jen15.

Beauty and skincare

The best mother's day gifts your mum will love to receive

I have previously shared how much I love Seams hand cream. Honestly, I use it every day and it is so nourishing for my hands which get so dry at times. The cream isn’t at all sticky or strongly scented like some hand creams and I definitely recommend it. I also love that the tube lasts well and is good value.

Anyway, enough about the hand cream! Here we have the cuticle, hand and nail oil. I have only just started using it but so far I am very impressed. It is perfect for dry or cracked cuticles and also softens any hard bits of skin near them too. The 28ml bottle is £24.99 and feels like it will last very well. If you buy this for your mum do let me know if she loves it as much as I do!

Evolve beauty set

Evolve Organic Beauty make some lovely organic beauty products and these are no exception. This set includes a Super Berry bath and shower oil and a Super Berry body oil.

The body oil is recommended for stretch marks and scars so would be great for a new mum for her mother’s day gifts or perhaps any mum who has recently lost weight or is just self-conscious about her stretch marks.

The bath and shower oil is a lovely treat for a mum who needs a pick-me-up and nourishes the skin so she doesn’t need to moisturise afterwards. This set is worth £48 but currently just £38 available directly from Evolve Beauty. Top Tip: Sign up for their emails on the site for an extra discount too!

Mothers day pretty box set

This gorgeous set from The Pretty Little Treat Company is full of Mother’s day gifts in a nice gift box. It is a pick-and-mix type gift set. The box is £3.50 and then you can add whichever gifts you like.

There are lots of items to choose from. The gift included in my box above are: Strawberry jam lip balm (£5), Handcream (£5), Bath Treat (£4) and a solid perfume bar (£4.50). There are other items which could be sent in the box including sleep balm, soap, lip scrub, chocolate and keepsakes.

Each of the products is available in a number of scents and handmade in Yorkshire using natural and locally sourced ingredients and packaging. There are no parabens, they are not tested on animals, no SLS and no microbeads so great for the environment.

Check out Pretty Little Treats to make a box for your mum, different sizes of boxes are available. One identical to mine is £22.


I always think jewellery is a great gift for mums or any woman really. It is pretty easy to buy and so special. Whether you want to buy her something low-cost or something expensive the fact that you chose it for her will mean so much.

lioness and cub necklace perfect for a mothers day gift

This gorgeous necklace from Jana Reinhardt really is perfect for mother’s day. It is a silver necklace with the pendant of a lioness carrying her cub. I think it is a lovely idea and a perfect mothers day gift that is more unique than a “mum” necklace.

The necklace is £95 in Silver from Jana Reinhardt but more if you prefer 9ct or 18ct gold. It is also available in platinum so if you want to spend more that would be an amazing gift too. The brand also has some other lovely necklaces so if a lioness isn’t for you then check out the others.

A trip away or day out

Sometimes a day out or trip away is just the perfect gift for a mum who needs a break or you fancy taking her out for a treat. Whether you take her for afternoon tea, to a museum or have a family day out with the kids it is sure to be a nice treat for her.

The best mother's day gifts your mum will love to receive

A Railcard might not have been a gift you considered but it would enable her to visit family and friends for so much less. Each railcard gives 1/3 off fares for the carrier of the card and some even give it to the whole family.

An annual family and friends railcard gives 1/3 off fares for up to 4 adults travelling with up to 4 children aged 5-15 (60% off the children’s fares).

Alternatively, you could buy her a Two Together Railcard which gives two named people 1/3 off their travel. Maybe you could buy it for you and your mum as both adults to spend more time travelling places together, or mum and dad, or mum and her friend? A whole year of cheaper train travel might mean she can do more and visit people more than she could have otherwise afforded to.

If your mum is over 60 or disabled there are special railcards for them too.

Most of the railcards are £30 each for a year however the disabled persons one is £20. That money can easily be saved in a trip or two if she is travelling a fair distance! Check out all the options available on the Railcard website which also shares any exclusions and offers.

voucher for a hotel experience

If you fancy buying mum an experience, there are so many to choose from whether she is an adrenaline seeker or likes to visit restaurants, have afternoon tea or nights away. I recently bought my mum and stepdad a night away in a hotel in Newcastle, a city they love visiting.

Some experiences can be bought for specific hotels, and others like this are open for her to make her own choice of where she would like to go for a night away.

This particular experience from Red Letter Days is £119.99 for a choice of 74 locations across the UK with a couple of choices abroad too! Top tip: use Top Cashback for a bit of cashback when you buy too!


Does mum have a sweet tooth? I am sure many of the women you are buying for will so why not look at something different to the usual supermarket chocolates?

chocolate hearts

These two sharing hearts of chocolate from Cocoba are gorgeous and whilst a similar price to chocolates from the supermarket is much nicer and in my opinion, more special! This is £9.95 from Cocoba and even though it is called sharing hearts, she doesn’t have to share them if she doesn’t want to!

Whilst these are not vegan, Cocoba does lovely vegan chocolate too so if your mum is vegan you can still buy her nice chocolate for mother’s day.

hot chocolate gift set

For another chocolate gift how about hot chocolate stirrers? These again are just £9.95 from Cocoba and would make a lovely gift for a night in with mum, especially if she isn’t one for going out or you are on a budget.

The best mother's day gifts your mum will love to receive

Sparkling tea and chocolate might be perfect as a gift for your mum. This Saicho and the chocolatier bundle is £25.99 from Saicho and includes three flavours of sparkling tea and three bars of chocolate.

They are perfectly paired with the idea to have a piece of chocolate melt on your tongue and then enjoy the accompanying sparkling tea. Top tip: sign up for email for 10% off your first order!

A bouquet

Flowers are a lovely gift for a mum who has everything as they last a few weeks, make her smile but then don’t add to her house full of stuff! If you are looking for flowers for your mum why not consider particular flowers that may be sentimental for her? Something like the flowers she had for her wedding day or ones that remind her of her favourite place might really make it even more special.

The best mother's day gifts your mum will love to receive

This gorgeous bouquet from Eflorist is called spring delight and also comes with a mini box of chocolates! The flowers are sent in buds so they take a few days to open and look gorgeous but that means mum gets to enjoy them through their whole life instead of flowers that only last a few days as they have been open in the shop for a week!

This bouquet is currently £25.99 from Eflorist and there are optional extras you can add such as a vase, teddy bear, candle etc. My bouquet arrived when it said it would and was in perfect condition so I would definitely recommend Eflorist. I am rubbish at flower arranging so check their website for a better photo!

For gifts like this, I always recommend checking reviews and other people’s experiences due to my previous experiences with online florists!

What have you bought previously for your mum that she has loved? Do comment below to help others!

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The best mother's day gifts your mum will love to receive

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