The Most Ridiculous Requests Made By Bosses

Horrible Managers

The majority of individuals despise their jobs.  It’s easy to get irritated at work. The 9-to-5 drudgery can quickly become more difficult when you have a taxing or abusive supervisor.

Aside from micromanagers and impossible-to-please employers, some managers go to extremes when it comes to violating boundaries. Reddit users were encouraged to post the most absurd things their managers had requested them to do. Let’s just say that some of the outcomes were completely unexpected. Here’s a collection of some of our favorites.

Trying Too Hard


So my boss is a little cooky. He’s an older gentleman but always tries to interact with the younger staff like he’s one of them. Him asking what sort of music we were into these days was one thing. 

The doozy was when he asked me to roll him an illegal substance for when he was going to hang out with his “hip younger friends”. 

Story Credit: Reddit/BaileyJade444

Not A Very Good Person

Contemprary Staffing Solutions

I worked in a call center, and the clients were mostly older (like over 50 years old). We’d occasionally have calls where the person on the other line would be having a medical emergency. The first time I called 911 for someone, I was put on a warning. 

My boss explained that it’s not my job to call 911, and it’s one of the few times I’m allowed to disconnect the call. So yeah, basically my boss asked me not to help someone in an emergency. I now call 911 from my cell phone. 

Story Credit: Reddit/BarnacleMcBarndoor

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