‘the Umbrella Academy’ Season 3 Finale End-Credits Scene Explained

  • Warning: There are major spoilers ahead for season three of Netflix’s “The Umbrella Academy.”
  • Season three wrapped up with an end-credits scene featuring Justin H. Min, who stars as Ben.
  • The scene will leave viewers with questions that will hopefully be addressed if the show gets renewed.


‘s “The Umbrella Academy” concluded its mind-boggling third season with a cryptic end-credits scene.

Based on comics from writer-musician Gerard Way and illustrator Gabriel Bá, the hit show returned with a 10-episode season on Wednesday.

After the Hargreeves siblings stopped doomsday in Dallas, Texas in the season two finale, they used a briefcase to travel to April 2, 2019, the day after the season one apocalypse. Upon arrival, they realized that the timeline was altered.

Instead of standing in the Umbrella Academy, the building had become the residence of the Sparrow Academy, a different group of super-powered people adopted by eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore).

This season, the Hargreeves feuded with their rivals in the Sparrow Academy before teaming up in an effort to prevent the complete collapse of the universe via a Kugelblitz (German for “ball of lightning”).

Here’s what you need to know about the season three finale’s end-credits scene.

The universe was reset

Hotel Oblivion seen in the season three finale of "The Umbrella Academy."


Most of the season three finale took place in Hotel Oblivion.


Before diving into the end-credits scene, it’s worth breaking down what happened leading up to that moment.

Not every character from the season three premiere made it to the end.

By episode nine, only a few remained alive: Reginald; Luther (Tom Hopper), Diego (David Castañeda), Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), Klaus (Robert Sheehan), Five (Aidan Gallagher), and Viktor Hargeeves (Elliot Page); Lila (Ritu Arya); and Sparrow Academy members Ben (Justin H. Min) and Sloane (Genesis Rodriguez).

Reginald revealed that he had a plan to stop the end of the universe, through a portal that he built Hotel Obsidian around.

But near the end of episode nine, Reginald — who was previously revealed to be an alien — murdered Luther and used his death as a way to rally the team and convince them to go through the mysterious portal.

Just as everyone began traveling through the tunnel, Reginald shut the door on Klaus, preventing him from joining.

“You’ve done a fine job bringing me back into the family fold,” Reginald told him. “You’re just more trouble than you’re worth.”

With Klaus left behind and the Kugelblitz about to wipe him out, he threw his body against the horn of the white buffalo mounted on the way and killed himself.

The finale picked up with the rest of the characters entering Hotel Oblivion. Klaus successfully resurrected himself by using his powers and ended up in the hotel, too.

The hotel was revealed to be a machine in another dimension.

After fighting and destroying several of the hotel’s formidable guardians, Five figured out that the sigil, the key to resetting the universe, was on the floor of the hotel. Reginald instructed the characters (minus Allison, who he made a deal with) to stand on each of the seven stars on the ground. Then, the particles from their bodies that gave them powers began getting sucked from their bodies.

To stop Reginald from killing them, Allison grabbed a scythe and sliced his robotic head. Then, she pushed a button and everything went black.

Characters seen in the season three finale of "The Umbrella Academy."


The Hargreeves and Lila don’t have their powers anymore.


The next scene showed Allison reunited with her daughter Claire from the original timeline as well as her husband Raymon Chestnut, whom she met in Dallas in the ’60s and died at 82 years old.

The rest of the crew — minus Sloane — emerged from an elevator to a whole new world.

In addition to Luther being alive again, all the group’s injuries previously suffered in Hotel Oblivion were gone. But most notably, none of them had their powers anymore.

As the group disbanded to go about their own lives, the camera panned to the skyline, littered with buildings with the Hargreeves name, implying that Reginald is the most powerful person in this new universe. And his deceased wife, Abigail, is very much alive and by his side now.

The end-credits scene showed Ben on a train in South Korea

Justin H. Min as Ben in the season three finale of "The Umbrella Academy."


Justin H. Min as Ben in season three of “The Umbrella Academy.”


The scene showed Ben wearing a suit and glasses on a subway train with other commuters. His hair was neatly parted along the side and combed back, somewhat resembling the way the Umbrella Academy version of Ben wore his hair.

He didn’t speak, but was seen reading an unidentified book as the announcer said, “This train is bound for Yeouido Station.”

Looking up from his book and through the train window, a faint smile spread on Ben’s face.

There was also a QR code sticker next to Ben, which directs viewers to a real-life website where fans can download designs from Pogo’s tattoo shop.

The end-credits moment was reminiscent of the opening scene of the season three premiere. In the scene, a schoolgirl on a train in Seoul on October 1, 1989, suddenly became pregnant and gave birth.

Reginald traveled to South Korea, and, after negotiating with the family, adopted the baby along with six others that would become the Sparrow Academy.

Two schoolchildren on a train in Seoul in season three of "The Umbrella Academy."


Season three of “The Umbrella Academy” opened with a flashback to Seoul, South Korea.


It’s unclear exactly who the Ben featured in the end-credits scene is.

His demeanor seemed calmer than the Sparrow Academy’s arrogant Ben. But still, he could be the Sparrow Academy’s Ben, in search of his biological mother — who was presumably the woman who gave birth in the season three premiere.

Another possibility is that he’s the lovable Ben from the Umbrella Academy, perhaps resurrected when the universe was reset. Or he could be another version of Ben that fans haven’t met yet.

Season three also included mentions of the Umbrella Academy’s Ben dying during “the Jennifer incident,” but the specifics of his death have yet to be addressed head-on.

If “The Umbrella Academy” gets renewed for a fourth season, an explanation of the end-credits scene will presumably be included.

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