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‘the Walking Dead’ Final Season Trailer Details You Missed

Gracie may be dead.

TWD 1105 Gracie and Judith


The last time we saw Gracie (left), she was trapped in a flooding basement with Judith as the dead approached them both.

Josh Stringer/AMC

The last time we saw Gracie and Judith, the besties were trapped in a flooding basement as the dead closed in on them.

There are no images of Gracie after the storm at Alexandria and that has us worried. We know Judith made it out of the basement alive because of the previous season 11b trailer, but we have yet to see if Gracie also made it to safety.

That’s a big cause for concern for her father, Aaron.

Gracie’s death wouldn’t be good news for Aaron. The trailer heavily hints he’s going to a darker place.

TWD 11b trailer aaron


Aaron only needs one thing to send him over the edge and Gracie’s death could be it.


Aaron has been struggling to control a pent up anger and darkness for a while after suffering multiple losses (his boyfriend Eric, Jesus, Enid, Tara, and more). The only person who has managed to keep him sane was his daughter Gracie.

If she’s killed in the Alexandria storm, it may send him over the edge. The new trailer heavily hints that we’re seeing a darker side to Aaron.

In the trailer’s opening monologue, Ezekiel says, “Darkness is heavy. Some of us carry more than others.” As he says that last line, the camera cuts to a scene with Aaron under an ominous red light.

Daryl, Maggie, Negan, Gabriel, and Elijah may escape the Reapers simply by holding someone hostage.

TWD 11b Leah and Daryl stand off


Is Leah really going to just let them go?


We see Daryl hold up one of the Reapers in front of his former flame, Leah. Does she decide to give up and let the group go? Maybe. Or maybe Father Gabriel and Maggie kill everyone because of another detail in the trailer.

Maggie may see Agatha’s body hung upside down and decide to kill Leah.

TWD 11b trailer Maggie shoots at someone.


Who does Maggie fire at? Is this a warning shot or a shot to kill?


Maggie walks by a hanging body. We learned on season 11, episode four that one of the bodies is supposed to be Maggie’s friend, Agatha, who was viciously torn apart by the dead while saving Maggie.

We see Maggie fire a gun at someone in the trailer as Daryl yells out. She may be triggered by the sight of the body and decide to shoot and kill Leah. An alternative is that the Reapers found Alden, killed him, and Maggie fires at the Reapers in response. (Remember, Negan and Maggie left Alden on his own in the season’s first eight episodes.) We’ll have to wait and see.

Carol’s working at the same bakery where Yumiko’s brother, Tomi, is employed.

TWD 11b Carol cookies


Is “cookie Carol” a front to find out what’s really going on in the Commonwealth?


Carol’s seen carrying a tray of cookies, which may give you flashbacks to her early days at Alexandria. When Rick, Carol, and the survivors first entered that new community, Carol put on a chipper persona as a gracious homebody who baked cookies and casseroles.

In reality, she was skeptical of Alexandria’s seeming-perfect community and used the baking as a front to gather intel and keep tabs on the community. Back then, it turned out she and Rick actually had little reason to be concerned. Alexandria was as good as Aaron promised and the survivors made it their home up until now.

Does Carol have her guard up at the Commonwealth or is she accepting that this community may be as good as it gets in the zombie apocalypse? (She should really have her guard up.)

Eugene seems to be waiting for an ice cream date, but it looks like the other person never shows up.

TWD 11b Eugene's ice cream date


Did someone stand Eugene up or is something more nefarious going on?


You may have missed it, but Eugene is holding not one, but two ice cream cones in the trailer. Is Eugene finally getting to meet the “real” Stephanie? (You can read all about that here.)

Later in the trailer, we see another glimpse of this same scene. Eugene’s holding two empty ice cream cones, hinting that the person never showed. Someone is packing up the surrounding chairs.

Did someone stand Eugene up or is this a dream sequence?

Remember, the last time we saw Eugene, he was in a lot of trouble for (rightfully) punching Pamela Milton’s entitled son. So, it’s a bit weird seeing him out and about and free for a moment in this trailer. There’s another small moment in the trailer that shows him alone, seemingly living on the street, gathered by a fire for warmth.

“Stephanie” is likely dead or imprisoned.

TWD 11b Stephanie missing poster


Stephanie is missing and someone is looking for her. Is it Eugene?


A missing poster for “Stephanie Vega” is briefly seen.

We’re pretty confident Stephanie was supposed to be keeping tabs on Eugene and his friends when they first entered the Commonwealth to see if they were trustworthy.

She likely got in trouble with her superiors for helping Eugene use the radio to contact his community. Did the Commonwealth kill her or is she just imprisoned somewhere? Since we’re pretty certain Stephanie isn’t who she said she was, she’s likely pretty disposable to the Commonwealth.

Are Eugene and Princess searching for Stephanie?

TWD season 11b Princess and Eugene


Eugene and Princess appear to get into some mischief when “TWD” returns.


The missing poster leads to a bigger question: Who made that elaborate evidence board? I’m going to guess it was Eugene since there’s an ice cream cone oddly attached to the board.

From the trailer, I bet Eugene was supposed to meet up with her for ice cream and she was a no-show. He starts looking around for her and asking questions. When he can’t find her, he enlists Princess. She looks like someone who would enjoy a good mystery. Plus, the first eight episodes of the season made it clear that Princess is very good at picking up on small details that others don’t easily notice. (It’s how she and some others snagged some soldier gear briefly.)

I bet Eugene and Princess will stumble upon some ugly truths about the Commonwealth. Unfortunately, it looks like the duo may ask one too many questions and eventually get caught. We see them locked up together.

Kelly and Connie may be journalists at the Commonwealth.

kelly connie TWD 11b trailer


Connie said she was a journalist on season nine, episode six.


Both sisters are seen wearing credentials around their necks.

Before the apocalypse, Connie told Aaron and the Alexandria council she was a journalist (season nine, episode six). She may have been really well known though because her sister Kelly mentioned her sister was being modest.

“She exposed a bunch of sleazeball politicians and put them behind bars,” Kelly told Aaron on season nine.

Before the apocalypse, Kelly was still in high school. Will Connie’s journalistic abilities come in handy to exposing any corruption within the Commonwealth? Eugene may need their help.

Daryl appears to be devalued at the Commonwealth and that may hint at a larger problem for the survivors this season.

TWD 11b Daryl housing


Did the beginning of the season predict Daryl’s current predicament?


When you arrive at the Commonwealth, you’re assigned a job and housing dependent on who you were before the apocalypse. Daryl was a drifter before the world ended. It looks like someone made a snap judgment about Daryl based on his looks and gave him a home in a broken down tenement.

That’s probably not going to sit well with Daryl for long, especially if his (former) best friend Carol is living a more comfortable life inside the Commonwealth.

Daryl had a rough life before the world changed suffering abuse at the hands of his father. But when the world fell apart, it was a fresh start for him. Unlike others, he knew how to survive in this world and his tracking and hunting skills made him extremely valuable. It looks like the Commonwealth doesn’t value those skills and are trying to undo all the progress Daryl (and others) made by forcing them back into a box they may no longer fit inside.

That distinction between social classes and whether or not they even matter anymore may play a big role in these next eight episodes. A lot of it is likely going to go back to that massive mural about the rich vs. the poor (seen above) that Daryl saw in the subway on the two-part season 11 premiere.

Magna seems to have a good job in the Commonwealth. It’s a throwback to season nine, episode six.

TWD 11b Magna waiter


Magna’s living out a different version of her former life.


Magna is seen as part of a waitstaff at an event. She may have been given that role to play since her girlfriend, Yumiko, was asked to be a lawyer for the leader of the Commonwealth, Pamela Milton.

Then again, when we first met Magna, she revealed she used to be a waitress at a truck stop before the world ended.

Magna doesn’t seem to be pleased with the way the Commonwealth is run. We hear her express her concerns, apparently to Rosita, saying that those who don’t fit in will get cast out of the community.

It looks like Negan has found a new ally. Maybe he heads off with her and ditches Daryl, Maggie, and everyone else.

TWD 11b trailer new character with Negan


Negan may be peacing out on the Alexandria group. He may be over the drama.


Negan is seen with a mysterious woman in the new trailer.

Is she a Reaper who has defected or has Negan found a new sanctuary at the Commonwealth? Maybe Negan doesn’t even go to the Commonwealth. Would he really fit in there? He was a gym teacher before the zombie apocalypse and became a leader in the new world. Can you see Negan reverting back to any sort of teacher? Not a chance.

Negan didn’t head to the Commonwealth in the comics either. He went to live out his days isolated in a farmhouse.

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