There’s knowledge, and then there’s wisdom.For me, calorie counting is an indi…

There’s knowledge, and then there’s wisdom.

For me, calorie counting is an indication of hitting energy goals, but not nutrient goals.

My friend @livevitae nailed it.

Sure, a calorie is a calorie technically – it’s the best there is in measuring the potential energy of a given food.

However, not all foods are equal and can influence our emotional, mental and physical health differently.

You can’t make energy in the body without an array of nutrients and hormones, other factors dictating where energy goes (order/organization); otherwise, there would be chaos (inflammation).

Food can affect us differently – it can be consumed when you should be asleep or consumed when you’re stressed, multitasking, or after a training session – the response and signal can influence your biology and wellness.

Humans are not robots. We have a brain (hopefully) that also can help us make food choices without needing to spend on a calorie app either.

We hopefully use all tools available to us with what works for ourselves and our goals.

There’s no right or wrong way or good and bad = there is just a function.

Your unique food choices should not be solely centered around the calories it contains but how it affects your overall health for your best interests alone.

Make sure you understand both, and adjust according to what you need.


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