These Welcome Signs Captured At The Airport Will Give You A Laugh

Returning Home

Traveling can become an emotional experience, especially when traveling back home. We don’t blame anyone who chokes up when they see their family members and loved ones again.

But you can always count on that one person to ease the tension and put a smile on your face. One great way to do that is by creating a hilarious welcome home sign, and we were fortunate enough to capture some of these in photos.

No Shame

Public Domain

We all know how much boys can embarrass their mothers, but this mom had decided to turn the tables. She wanted to share how excited she was to have her son return home with everyone.

She made a sign comprised of two parts. The sign she held to her front read her son’s name with a question asking if he remembered her. The big surprise came when she turned around. The second sign was revealed that pointed to him and said, “He’s my baby!” He doesn’t look very pleased, but the smile on his mother’s face is worth it.

Don’t Stop Her

Public Domain

This girl is too excited to see her dad again that she will not let anyone get in her way. Her sign warns anyone around her to stay out of her path for when he arrives.

She seems like a sweet kid who loves her mom, but there’s no denying how excited she is to spend time with her dad again. We think her dad is a soldier returning from deployment because of the American flag she stuck down. She’s been waiting for him for a while, so she’s understandably excited!

It’s Over

Public Domain

After being on a long flight back home, anyone would look for a calming hug and something to make them smile. This break-up sign would most likely have done the opposite, but we think it was meant to be a joke.

Britney despised the thought of using a selfie and banned it from her house but had uncovered the secret Simon had been hiding while he was away. This is not the type of sign you would usually find at an airport, but it made for a great picture!

What a Smell

Public Domain

This is a sign no person would want to run up to for fear of someone finding their secret. However, it makes you think twice about who you sit next to next time you find yourself on a plane.

But did you notice that her sign contains a plural? We sympathize with those who realized they may have shared a flight with a group of flatulence lovers. We hoped it was a joke, but we would be worried if he exited the plane to find a sign like that.

As the Saying Goes

Public Domain

Many know the saying, “The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.” Parents often say it to their children, and this mom and her daughter were not about to let that fact be forgotten.

One can tell that a lot of planning went into this, but a question remains. Was her daughter aware of what she would be arriving to, or had she been given the apple once she stepped off the plane? We don’t need the answer; we suppose because it still made a cute photo that will allow them to remember that day for years.

Oh Great

Public Domain

This woman had gone on a trip and came home to one of the most unexpected signs. This bare-minimum sign left her shocked.

Her brother had prepared a sign that made it seem like he was not excited about her coming home. However, this photo captured her smiling, so we think it is safe to say that she took the joke well despite the not-so-warm welcome.

They’ve Waited Millenia

Public Domain

The stormtroopers have barely been able to function while Darth Vader was away, and I think we can all agree that they are relieved to have him back home.

This is a demonstration of what it means to have true friends. They had all agreed to dress up to make a spectacle of welcoming the Sith Lord home. This prank came together when the traveler returning home emerged in his Darth Vader outfit! However, we wonder if he had been in costume the entire flight.

Less Than Approving

Public Domain

We are unsure whether or not these children sought to embarrass their father while he was away or if they disapproved of a questionable choice he had made. Either way, they made a funny set of signs to welcome their father back home.

They made two signs to bring their joke together. Their first sign welcomes their dad back by congratulating him on his new mail-order bride before punctuating their message with a second sign which reads: “5th times a charm.” We wonder if their father took the joke well…

Straight to the Point

Public Domain

Some are in a rush to get information across to put together a simple “welcome home” sign. There are many more important things they could write down, which is precisely what this fully-grown adult did.

This sign made him seem like a kid telling his parents that they had run out of his favorite and his outfit pulled the entire theme together. We are sure his onesie had given his parents a good laugh, but we don’t know if his parents got him more cereal.

Less Than Subtle

Public Domain

We are unsure if this sign is true or of it was just a joke to make their friend red in the cheeks, but this woman was as blunt as can be.

This woman seems to not care about sharing a private matter with the world by creating a sign that welcomes a traveler back home from rehab. To add more punch to her sign, she added the words: “hugs, not drugs.” This was perhaps a sign that had her waiting for the laughs.

The Sign Says It All

Public Domain

The straightforwardness of this sign makes it all the funnier. This guy didn’t care much for decoration as he did about getting his point across.

Anyone who reads his sign – “Guy who knocked up my sister” – will know exactly who he is looking for. We can only imagine how the man the sign had been directed at would sweat once he read it. We hope that it was all in the name of fun.

You Get the Idea

Public Domain

It’s not just adults who make fun signs for the airport. This little girl takes part in welcoming her loved ones home, too.

We can tell she had put all her time and energy into making a sign for her mom. Aside from the word “welcome,” we cannot determine what else she wrote. What we do know is she made this sign with all the love she had for her mom.

Heart In the Right Place

Public Domain

Many often feel like they are walking on eggshells when the topic of gender is brought up. However, when the people closest to you are the subject of said topic, you are given leeway to make light of the situation.

This man’s father had undergone a successful sex change before returning home, but he found it challenging to forget old habits. Perhaps his sense of humor gave his father a welcome he was looking forward to, but we know he would be there for his father to support him no matter what.

15Wanted for Christmas

Public Domain

It is often difficult to find someone in an airport’s hustle and bustle. This family has found a solution to that problem.

They used the classic “wanted” poster as inspiration and made a sign that told everyone they were in search of these individuals for Christmas. What added to the hilarious sign is how they chose some of the most unflattering pictures they could find.

Reverse Psychology

Public Domain

As we’ve said, welcoming home loved ones from a trip away can be an emotional experience. So, some people choose to deal with that in a joking manner.

This person decided to try out a little reverse psychology when they welcomed their loved one home. Instead of a traditional welcome home sign, they opted to create one urging their returning traveler go back, even going so far as to add a “we hate you” message for good measure.

Prank Proposal

Public Domain

If you don’t know the story behind this sign, you might think that you’re in for a tear-jerking proposal. Unfortunately, this is another sign designed to embarrass instead.

This man wasn’t waiting for Tom to get off the plane and accept a wedding ring. Instead, he was just creating a sign to embarrass his friend as he landed. Don’t worry, we’re sure that Tom will get him back the next time he’s the one returning home from a trip.

Direct and to the Point

Public Domain

This person wasn’t one to mince words when he created his sign. He put down a straightforward message: “Smokin’ hot Italian Chick.” He even completed the look with shades and a full suit.

There’s a little bit of mystery behind this man. Was he hoping to land a date by hanging out in an airport? The more likely answer is that he was waiting for his wife or girlfriend to land and watch them turn red when they saw his sign.

Mom, Dad, You’re Home!

Public Domain

After a long trip, it can seem like you haven’t seen your loved ones forever. That’s exactly what these kids were thinking when they made this sign for their parents.

They wrote it almost like a bizarre Craigslist ad: “3 Sassy Orphanz Seek Loving Parents.” With a sign like this, we’re sure that practical joking is a common theme in this family. We’re also pretty sure that their parents probably cracked a smile as they returned from their trip.

Can’t Miss This

Public Domain

Sometimes, a welcome home sign is just the thing you need to greet someone fresh off a flight. Other times, though, it isn’t quite enough to get your point across.

That’s obviously what this zany pair was thinking. The sign alone doesn’t raise too much suspicion. However, when you add the blown-up picture of their loved one’s face in the hands of one of the greeters, you have a result that you won’t forget anytime soon.

Maybe Don’t Advertise It

Public Domain

Poor Sarah. In case you aren’t aware, Imodium is a medication to help your stomach. Specifically, it’s often used to help reduce symptoms like diarrhea.

When Sarah asked her loved one to bring some for her at the airport, she probably hoped they’d discreetly slip it into her hand. She probably wasn’t expecting a sign this big to advertise her business to the entire airport. Hopefully, this was all in good fun and Sarah laughed as she got home.

Sticky Sweet

Public Domain

Some of the most entertaining signs aren’t necessarily pun-filled or a practical joke at all. Sometimes, the results are just wholesome and cute.

This person was ready to greet their significant other with a sign that expressed their feelings for them. They admit that they wanted to create a cute sign but instead they could only think of the cute face that would be waiting for them at the airport. All in all, they succeeded in their goal. Aw!

Ready for Commitment

Public Domain

When Anna left for her trip, this man was on the fence about a major decision. By the time she got back, he made up his mind and he wasn’t afraid to let everyone know.

While it might bring some private matters into the public eye, it’s still sweet to see his decision. He confidently declares that he knows her baby isn’t his but that he’ll raise them just as if they were. This probably led to a pretty emotional moment.

First Time Meetings

Public Domain

One of the most emotional reunions you can find in an airport is army families welcoming their loved ones home from overseas. After all, their job is among the most dangerous.

When this man left, his wife was pregnant. So, she warned him on her sign that she might not look the same as she did. However, she also heartwarmingly invited him to come and meet his “mini-me.” This was sure to be quite a tearful reunion that moved hearts all around it.

Family Ties

Public Domain

This person was ready to make a genealogy joke when Douglas landed at the airport. His simple but straightforward sign makes that message loud and clear.

Not only did he welcome Douglas home, but he also reminded him of who his family is in a unique way. Rather than putting a simple first name and last name, he opted for a more formal “Douglas of the clan McGregor.” For good measure, he even included the family crest – just in case Douglas forgot.

What’s In a Name

Public Domain

Shakespeare once said, “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” Well, we aren’t so sure that he had a nickname like this in mind when he wrote Romeo and Juliet.

This woman decided to be straight to the point when she made her sign instead of beating around the bush. Her sign states that she’s looking for a “noisy pale-faced lady” who will be getting off the plane any moment now.

It’s Hard Meeting New Clients

Public Domain

When this woman went to the airport to pick up a new client, she needed to make a sign quickly. After all, they didn’t know her and she didn’t know them.

The bad news is that autocorrect might have gotten the best of her here. That’s because the sign reads “Hot Gravy” rather than an actual name. Hopefully, she found who she was looking for and there wasn’t too much fallout from the mistake. Better luck next time!

Counting the Days

Public Domain

Deployed loved ones can be hard to wait for. After all, you want them home safe and sound as soon as possible, but you understand that they have a job to do.

While this woman waited for her husband to come home from Afghanistan, she was counting the moments until they could be together again. She even tore a page from a calendar every day to count down the days. After 113, she rushed to the airport to welcome him home with this touching sign.

Doesn’t Need an Answer

Public Domain

We’ve all heard the old joke before. Who has two thumbs and was excited to greet Taylor and Steven home? This guy!

In case you weren’t sure of the answer to his rhetorical question, he has you covered on this front as well. He cut out a spot to put his face so the answer was on display. For an added touch, he even drew a pair of hands, thumbs pointed towards him. His knowing smirk says he’s pretty proud of his joke, too.

Double Trouble

Public Domain

As this woman’s two best friends landed at the airport, she was waiting to show them her clever sign. Hopefully, she only got the attention she wanted from them and got to skip out on strangers’ jokes.

She decided to be more descriptive than literal as she invited “The 2 Hottest Guys at This Airport” for a ride home. While we’re sure her friends were flattered, it’s impressive to think anyone would make it off a long flight looking anything but tired.

Takes One to Know One

Public Domain

While ditzy behavior isn’t always smiled upon, it’s obvious that this girl was joking around on purpose. The way she held her sign is what makes this joke land.

Instead of writing her friend’s name or “welcome home” on her poster, she invited her friend home with a simple label: “Idiot.” However, not one to let the joke land to the sound of crickets, she made sure to hold the sign upside down to poke fun at them both.

Speaking Your Language

Public Domain

If you aren’t a fan of the game World of Warcraft, you probably are scratching your head as to what this sign could mean. To people who do play it, this guy is pretty clever.

This guy was probably picking up a friend that he often played the online multiplayer game with. It’s a clever sign and a great way to capitalize on a shared interest. Plus, he likely won’t be mistaken for anyone else there!

A Dangerous Game

Public Domain

We hope that this man’s sign asking for “Loose women” was a poorly thought-through joke. Alternatively, maybe he was the loser of an unfortunate bet.

Either way, we’re hoping that he found who he was looking for without ending up being berated. In the meantime, we have to wonder if anyone saw the sign and thought it was more than a little inappropriate and gave him a piece of their mind. Either way, it’s quite a sign.

Proud Papa

Public Domain

This proud man was likely waiting for his son. Maybe he plays basketball at college and his childhood room was filled with pictures of a certain legendary basketball player.

In the end, the sign he made is simple but effective. Not to mention, it makes for a pretty wholesome sight. Yet, there might be more than one person looking around in hopes of glimpsing the sports legend hauling his luggage alongside them. We hope they aren’t too disappointed when they realize the truth.

A Lot to Go Over

Public Domain

When you’re overseas serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, you sacrifice a lot of moments in your personal life for your country. This means that you can expect a lot of catching up when you come home.

This woman was ready to welcome her loved one back with plenty of tales that he missed while he was away. Of course, her sign had to fit the theme as well. She made sure to use the right lingo and warned him to be ready to be de-briefed.

A Warm Welcome

Public Domain

When it comes to someone’s orientation, not every family is as receptive as you might hope. However, this father was ready to tell his son exactly where he stood.

His sign isn’t highly decorative but the message on it has a lot of meaning. Maybe he came out while he was away or his father just wanted to welcome him back with a reminder. His sign welcoming his son home and telling him “It’s okay to be gay” is a great message that not everyone gets to hear.

Factory Break

Public Domain

If you’re looking for someone at the airport, you’d probably be surprised if you found them looking like this. In case you aren’t aware, this person is an iconic character from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Maybe this person was paying homage to their friend or family’s favorite movie as they arrived home, or maybe the factory sent this guy to check on the chocolate inventory at the airport gift shop. Either way, this weary traveler probably got a good laugh out of their friend’s antics.

Welcome Back, Dad!

Public Domain

While this father was away, his child wasn’t afraid to step up to the plate – even if they still need a stroller to get around.

The sign promises that this sweet baby took up the mantle of taking care of their mom now that he was gone. Yet, they’re ready to hang up their hat and go back to playing with blocks. They do offer a warning, though: “She is a lot of work!” For an extra cute touch, they even “signed” the poster!

Breaking News

Public Domain

Matt, we hope this was good news for you because these two fellows weren’t here to break the news gently. Their sign is so big that both of them have to hold it.

On the bright side, Matt will soon have the chance to experience life as an uncle to a little niece or nephew. We just hope that he has enough spending money left from his trip to spoil the little one or splurge at the baby shower.

A New Face

Public Domain

If you’re away from home long enough, you miss some of the big things as well as the little moments. The event this father missed while on deployment is one for the history books, though.

This little one is ready to welcome her father home with a fresh, new face. According to the sign on her stroller, she’s waited her whole life to meet her dad. She looks pretty excited to see his face for the first time too!

Celebrities: They’re Just Like Us

Public Domain

It’s part of the job for actors to travel around the world performing their craft. That’s what Eric Stonestreet was doing when he landed in Australia for a press event.

One fan of his work on Modern Family was ready to welcome him to the country with a large sign. Not only did Stonestreet notice, but he was nice enough to take a moment for a photo op with the lucky man. Surely, he went home happy with how it turned out!

Not Mincing Words

Public Domain

As you welcome someone home, you probably have a lot on your mind. What do you want to do? What stories have they missed that you need to tell them on the way home?

When this person made their loved one a welcome back sign, they weren’t going to waste time mincing words. In a sign complete with glitter and carefully placed craft letters, they invite their loved one home and ask for immediate kisses to make up for the time that their partner was gone.

Laundry List

Public Domain

For parents, a vacation is a rare and rewarding opportunity. That isn’t to say children aren’t rewarding, but it is nice to take a break from the day-to-day chores that come with leading a household.

When this mom arrived home from vacation, her sons were there to greet her with a big sign welcoming her back. Also, the sign reminded her of the tasks she had at home since they immediately let her know that they were fresh out of clean underwear.

Luke, I am Your Father

Public Domain

Even if you’ve never seen Star Wars before, you probably know at least one thing about it. That is the iconic scene in which Darth Vader reveals that he’s Luke Skywalker’s father.

This dad fell in love with the movies and came up with this creative way to welcome his daughter home. Not only did he have a sign reading “Rebecca, I am your father” but he even donned a full Darth Vader costume for the event.

All Roads Lead Home

Public Domain

No matter where you’re coming from, it’s always a great feeling to finally arrive home. This family was ready with not just one but three signs welcoming the mother of the family home from prison.

This represents one of two potential situations. Taken one way, they’re genuinely welcoming her home after a hard time. Another, they’re trying to embarrass her as she walks inside the airport. Either way, they will turn heads and get her attention!

An Interesting Name

Public Domain

Everyone has a last name but some are harder to spell – or are more entertaining – than others. That’s the case with this man, but his friends distorted his name just enough to create the result “Gleeballs.”

Even better, it wasn’t even a group of friends at the airport. Rather, this poor fellow had to look a professional chauffeur in the eyes and answer to his new last name. While slightly embarrassing, the juvenile prank is worth a giggle.

An Order He Can’t Refuse

Public Domain

Deployment is hard on families – both those that are deployed and the loved ones waiting at home. It makes sense that there are so many well-thought-out signs and messages waiting for them once they land.

This woman was ready when Officer Neal landed on the tarmac. With a sign that reads “Report for Booty,” the kiss in this picture makes it touching. Sure, the sign might be a little bossy but we’re sure that Neal was up for the challenge.

Maybe Not Specific Enough

Public Domain

The benefit of using a sign at the airport is that it’s easy to spot and it’s noticeable. Oftentimes, our loved ones see the signs we’re holding before they can necessarily make out our faces.

This person chose a funny but fairly vague sign as she invited her “Sweet thang” to come over and kiss her. We hope that she got the right person she was looking for right away rather than having to stumble through a few cases of mistaken identity.

Brow Perfection

Public Domain

When most of us get off the plane once we’ve landed at our destination, we might not feel like we look our best. This is especially true of long flights where we might dress for comfort over style.

This father wasn’t about to let his daughter get out of the airport without a morale boost, though! He even brushed up on his slang to make sure she felt right at home. Not to mention, what better compliment could you get than on your brows?

Warning: Incoming!

Public Domain

Airports, where loved ones are regularly greeted after a long journey home or away to see family for the holidays, are emotional places. That’s something that these kids know all too well.

The duo even comes with a warning sign. It tells everyone around them that they’re waiting for their grandmother and they aren’t going to hold anything back when they see her. We’re pretty sure that their grandmother is just as excited to see them as they are to see her.

Dad, You’re Here!

Public Domain

While his dad was deployed, this little boy missed him dearly. So he was ready when his dad got to the airport and he could give him a message.

Of course, he couldn’t welcome his dad home without a sense of humor. His sign let his dad know that he was glad he was home not only because he missed him, but jokingly said that his mom had quit two weeks ago. We wonder what his dad thought when he saw the sign as he approached the baggage claim!

Spare Rider

Public Domain

If you make your living as a driver, the number of people you take from place to place is positively correlated to the amount of money that you make. This man was ready to earn an extra buck.

On his sign, he has the name Alice – the person he’s supposed to pick up from the airport. Underneath that name, he’s written “random citizen,” inviting a second person to ride along with them. After all, he has to make a living!

Left to Translation

Public Domain

This sign is rather simple but if you aren’t sure what it means, you might be confused. It’s easy to think that “Ayo Ma” could translate to “Hey you, ma!” as a joking way to get someone’s attention.

However, this isn’t the case. Ayo is a common first name for people who live in Nigeria or Benin. Ma is likely just this person’s last name. In the end, this is more of an accidentally funny sign that some people might not recognize.

Pixar Potential

Public Domain

Finding Nemo is an obvious theme to this poster. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s about a clownfish father looking for his missing son. Aiding in his quest is a character named Dory, the blue fish on this sign.

This makes it a cute choice for a reunion – even if this one is between a mother and daughter rather than father and son. Even more adorable, this pair is almost wearing colors corresponding to the characters on the poster!

Hi Mom!

Public Domain

Just as much as they are ready to welcome their parents home, some kids can’t resist the chance to pull a prank. This is one such moment.

The son is standing proudly with a sign that is welcoming his mom home from prison. We actually aren’t sure that’s really where this lady arrived home from. Her smile says she took the joke in stride and is probably used to her son’s antics which means this was only a slight surprise to see.

Welcome Back?

Public Domain

When you land back at home, you’re often ready to soak in the scenery you’re used to – even if that scenery is drearier than the landscape you left.

When this mom arrived back in Seattle, her husband and sons had a mild joke to welcome her back. All dressed in Hawaiian-style shirts and holding a big sign, they welcomed her to “Florida.” It was a funny way to help ease her back into Seattle’s famously rainy weather.

Ugly Christmas…Suit?

Public Domain

When it comes time to celebrate the holidays, most of us are used to seeing ugly Christmas and holiday sweaters galore. This person stepped it up a notch.

Instead of just a sweater, they upgraded to a full three-piece suit. Even his tie matches the theme! What makes this so funny is that his “#FAM” as his sign denotes are pretty well-known for not being full of holiday cheer. His holly jolly demeanor was sure to bring a smile anyway!

Never Again

Public Domain

Sometimes, it’s exciting to pick up a loved one from the airport and welcome them. Other times, it doesn’t quite live up to expectations.

This is especially true if someone has an early or late flight. This person wasn’t a fan of their repeated trips to the airport when they made this sign. Before it welcomes them home, it warns them to never ask for the same favor again with a cheerful “This better be the last time I pick you up.”

New Faces

Public Domain

This baby was ready at the airport to meet her dad. Not only had it been a long deployment, but they were also going to meet each other for the very first time!

Borrowing and editing some lyrics from the popular song “Call Me Maybe,” the sign introduces exactly who little Harper is to her returning father. This family reunion was sure to include plenty of happy tears shed when this father finally laid eyes on his daughter.

Rolling Out the Red Carpet

Public Domain

When you first get home, it makes sense that a little celebration is in order. This man knew that it wasn’t even worth the wait until they got home to get started.

That’s why when he got to the airport, he decided to set up shop. Complete with a stand and margarita mix, he was ready to celebrate his loved one’s arrival home and national margarita day. We’re sure that his loved one appreciated it. Plus, it’s five o’clock somewhere, right?

Welcome Back Like the ’90s

Public Domain

If you haven’t seen the iconic sitcom Friends, this joke might go over your head. If you have, you’ll likely appreciate this man’s sign.

As he welcomes home Princess Consuela Banana-Squeegie McBeckenheim III, he’s also paying homage to a cultural reference that most people would crack a grin at. If you don’t understand the joke, you won’t regret a binge session of the classic show. So, if you want in, consider this a sign to start Friends!

Who Needs a Couch Anyway?

Public Domain

Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason. They tend to love without question and they’ll always be there for you in your time of need.

Unfortunately, even our dear pets aren’t perfect. This sign welcomed home a loved one while breaking some less than great news. Their pup not been pleased with their alone time, and took out their frustration by having a snack… made of the family couch. On the bright side, at least they have a new couch to enjoy now that they’re home!

Larger Than Life

Public Domain

Airports are crowded places. This means that if you’re looking for someone in the crowd, it’s a good idea to have a way to get their attention.

This family knew exactly what to do. Forgoing a simple sign, they bought a large sheet of banner paper that was so big it took two people to hold. With a message that reads “Hi Mom, only we would do this,” it’s no doubt that this woman recognized her kids and their familiar antics from a mile away.

Looks Are Deceiving

Public Domain

Unfortunately, many people judge strangers based on looks. Take this couple for instance – someone looking at them superficially might not pair them together. While rude, it’s something this couple wasn’t afraid to joke about.

When welcoming him home, this woman made her partner a sign that read that she was running out of money and looking for her sugar daddy. If that didn’t get the point across, she made sure to add an image of her returning loved one for reference.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead are entirely coincidental

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