Tips For Weight Loss Success

While there are many tips for weight loss success floating around out there, only a few are tried and true.

  • Low calorie, low carb,and lowfat diets do not work.- They do not work because low calorie diets just make your body’s metabolism adjust itself. Low fat diets don’t work because we have been following them for 15 years and are fatter than ever. Low carbs doesn’t work because they make you miserable, and they are very hard to stick to.
  • Food is not the enemy- It is not food itself that is making you fat, it is the type and times that you eat it.
  • You must give your body different types of calories at different times during the day. This is a new technique called calorie shifting, that tricks your metabolism into speeding itself up.
  • Your metabolism burns calories based on what you have been eating recently
  • You have to eat calories that are fat- burning compatible. They have to be easily burned for maximum weight loss.
  • When you change what you have always done, you will lose weight. All of the diets you tried in the past didn’t work, so now is the time to try something new.
  • This diet will work regardless of how much weight you want to lose. Whether it is 20 or 200 pounds, calorie shifting will work.
  • The main reason people don’t lose weight, is because they keep putting it off. You need to start today to realize your weight loss goals.
  • The reason why you are not burning fat is because your fat burning melabolizers are not being released in the right amounts at the right times. When you use calorie shifting, you will continually lose weight.
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