Trick Your Mind Into Weight Loss

Never underestimate the power of the mind when losing weight. Your mind will take you from the couch to the gym or makes you run when you’re tired.

Unfortunately, your best friend is your worst enemy. It makes you salivate when walking past a candy bar and urges you to finish a chocolate cake.

Besides your muscles, train your mind to become stronger-stronger willed that is. Pay attention to these weaknesses of your mind: The need to “wait till later” but never get it done or “just one more bite” but never stop eating.

Don’t be afraid to yell at yourself! It’s your body and it’s time to look your best. If you can’t overcome this influence, do the next best thing….trick your mind.

We are creatures of habit and it’s time to reverse your primitive eating and fitness habits – or, maybe, non-habits in this case. Here are six ways to combat your evil, inner self:

o Whenever you crave ice cream, substitute it with frozen fruit. You’ll satisfy your craving for a frozen sweet while reducing calories and fat.

o Picture your stomach expanding when eating. Once you feel a little “stuffed”, picture your stomach expanding outward with every additional bite. Your body will only burn off the calories so fast. Don’t let the extra food sit in the pantry known as your stomach. Keep the pantry empty and look great for summer!

o Buy all new undergarments for your workouts. Anytime you wear a new dress or shoes, you feel great….almost like a new person. This association is powerful, especially on your shopping habits. Build an association with your efforts in the gym. Buy new undergarments specifically for your gym workouts. You’ll feel like a new, active, energized person in the gym.

o Most important, on bad days, remind yourself that your perception of reality has been slightly skewed before ( i.e. Santa Claus). Your misperception may result from your lack of understanding, misjudgment, or, simply, lack of sleep. Realize this, have faith in your hard work, eat an apple, and try again tomorrow.

o Always leave at least one bite of food on the plate. Growing up, your mother told you to finish everything on your plate and, unfortunately after several years, it’s still sitting in your stomach. Your mind is trained to continue to eating during a meal whether or not your stomach is full. It takes practice, patience, and time to undue this habit. Leave the last forkful of steak on the plate and toss it in the sink. Out of sight and out of mind. Eventually, you’ll learn that finishing dinner means…stopping when no longer hungry.

o Establish a set time each day only for exercise. Do you remember becoming hungry around noon today? Well, your body does. You have built an association between a time and an activity. If you eat everyday at noon, your body will expect this behavior each day at that time. This is true for frequent meal, waking, and exercise patterns.

Try to establish a routine of working out or being active the same time each day. Your body will eventually recognize these times as your specific workout times and will give you an extra push you need to stay motivated.

Tricking your mind is not an easy task. Like a sport, you must practice to become proficient. Practice these tricks and they will develop into habits. Frequency is key! Don’t allow yourself to hold you back from becoming something greater.

Exercising and being mindful of your diet will help you lose weight. Understanding your body, though, will sustain a lifetime of less weight.

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Source by Michael J. Moody

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