Unusual Fat Loss Tips: 5 Powerful Secrets for Permanent Weight Loss

Spring is nearly here which means the long-awaited swimsuit season isn’t far behind! That realization typically sets in a panic– it’s time to get serious about your goal to lose weight. Most people think they’ll be successful in their diet plan and weight loss goals, but the problem is they are locked into a pattern of weight retention or even weight gain even while trying hard to lose pounds. It’s not their fault, it’s more an issue of bad information about what is the most effective way to lose body fat. In this article, you’ll find 5 surprising tips that fly in the face of conventional diets, weight loss meal plans, and exercise programs.

    1. Throw away your scale. That’s right, you should not keep stepping on the scale every morning (or even weekly) to gauge your progress. It can be downright discouraging, and many people give up on their goal if they see no weight loss in the first few weeks. Your goal should not be to lose weight. Instead your biggest goal is to lose fat. There is a major difference. As you lose fat, you want to replace it with lean muscle. Therefore, you might not see just straight weight loss as a result. A better gauge of success is that your clothes are starting to fit better.


    1. Stop Counting Calories. Most people think that the best way to diet is to count calories. The fewer the calories consumed, the more weight you will lose, right? Well, not necessarily. To few calories, and your body will start to store everything you eat as fat because it thinks it’s starving. Instead, give your body the proper fuel it needs to build lean muscle by utilizing a proper balance of carbohydrates and proteins, and you will also lose fat. Protein is vital for muscle building. And the right kind of carbohydrates are needed for energy so that your muscles can burn fat for fuel as well.


    1. Forget What You Know About Low Fat Foods. Many foods in the grocery store are labeled as low fat, therefore we think they are by default healthy for us. This couldn’t be more wrong. Eating fat won’t make you fat. Most people don’t know that it’s actually certain types of carbohydrates that make them fat. Steer away from fast-burning carbohydrates (like fruit juices, starchy foods, sugary snacks, and even breads), because your body’s chemical reaction to these will actually turn them into fat in your body. Rather, eat complex carbohydrates that are classified as low-glycemic. They will not trigger a blood-sugar spike, and will be used as energy rather than stored as fat.


    1. Eat more often. Oh yeah! Eating 6 smaller meals a day is much better than eating 3 meals a day, and way better than skipping meals all together. Just like the calorie reduction diet, your body thinks it’s starving when you skip meals. So using that model means that any meal you eat, no matter how small, spikes your blood sugar, causing a fat retention reaction. But by eating 6 small meals that are balanced in carbohydrates and protein, your body will maintain a more consistent blood-sugar level, and you will lose weight.


  1. Dump the long cardio workouts. Cardio workouts are important, but they are not the best strategy for losing weight. An exercise routine that centers around long cardio will make your body lose muscle as well as fat. Instead you need to focus on burst workouts and fat-burning body weight exercises. The good news is that an exercise plan based on shorter duration is easier to maintain and actually does a much better job at causing fat loss. And as you build lean muscle, those muscles continue to burn fat way after you’ve stopped exercising for the day.

These are some surprising and unique tips for fat loss, and the truthis, they work! Follow the fat loss methods detailed above, and you’ll be ready for swimsuit season in no time at all. Incorporate this as a healthy lifestyle, and you have found the key to permanent fat loss.

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Source by Jeff E Williams

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