Using Putt Preview and Other Putting Tips For Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 For Wii

Here are some tips for using putt preview. I did not understand the entire concept until I watched some of my friends and how they set up to putt.

For my setup, I would look over the putt, see if I was uphill or downhill, and see if the green was slope left or right or both. I would then position myself with my best guess and press putt preview. The preview would show me how close I was to the actual trajectory and whether the 100% putt would go farther or fall short.

What I did not realize was that during my setup if I set the putting distance at less than 100%, the putt preview would show me the path based on what I had set up. Now as part of my setup I adjust the distance as well as the angle. This has improved my putting quite a bit.

Here are a few more tips:

Do you count the number of squares on the putt preview your short or long on? They are in increments of 5 ft. each. After you exit the putt preview you can adjust your putting distance arrow to add or subtract how many yards you are short or long and read the percentage.

For example, you have the 40 ft. putter selected and you set the arrow to 40ft. You look at the putt preview and it shows you two squares or 5 ft. long. Exit the putt preview and the backs of the putter 10 ft. to 30ft. The percentage below the 30ft mark reads 75%. That is what you shoot for on the power meter. 75% is 3/4 of the way up.

If you have an uphill putt, the putter selected will seldom do the job. Select the next level putter before looking at the putt preview. The same is true for downhill putts. Back down one level before you look at putt preview.

Good Luck!

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