Waitress Alert When Thai Man Enters Diner With Little Girl

Something Was Off

Wendy could tell that something was off when the older man and the girl stepped in. A look of desperation painted the man’s face. There was also something sorrowful about how the little girl clung to his hand.

Instinct told Wendy to keep her eyes peeled. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but something about those two made her feel very uneasy.

Chen Wenjuan

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Chen Wenjuan was born to a Thai dad and Chinese mother in Beijing, China. At the age of three, her family relocated to Bangkok. Although the abrupt change was jarring for little Wenjuan, she quickly acclimated to her new environment.

As Wenjuan, or Wendy as her friends called her, grew, she showed a fantastic knack for art. Although she’d decided to pursue an art career, she soon learned that it wouldn’t be that simple.

The Best School In Bangkok

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Wendy’s exceptional talent in art was known all over her neighborhood, her school included. Her teachers encouraged her to continue honing her skills, instilling in her the importance of hard work.

As she got older, her eyes set on Poh Chang Academy of Arts in Rattanakosin, the most prestigious art school in Bangkok. Unfortunately, the fee needed to attend such a school was way past her family’s reach.

Her Plan

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Although the reality of her situation had sunk into her mind, Wendy didn’t stop perfecting her art. Achieving her dreams was still among her top priorities, and she would do anything to see them through.

With the help of her favorite art teacher, Wendy secured a partial scholarship after graduating high school. The scholarship covered most of her tuition fees while her parents helped her with the remaining bills. The only thing Wendy needed now was to cover a small portion as she worked to make her dreams a reality.

Baby Steps


Wendy set out to find a part-time job. After a lengthy search, she found a job as a waitress. She divided her time between art school and working part-time, finding the perfect balance.

Although keeping the candle burning on both ends was sometimes overwhelming, she didn’t keel under pressure. She was determined to achieve her dream and would stop at nothing no matter how challenging it got.

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