Ways to Maintain the Nutritional Value of Your Food

Eating right is important to stay healthy for a better life. Healthy food gives us the power and energy to fight external diseases. It is a big question – whether we are eating the right food, whether we are getting the right nutrition from our food or not. To meet the growing market demand, farmers are using various chemicals, fertilizers, and other agents that help to grow vegetables and fruits faster in a short time. Even the shopkeepers apply different colors to make vegetables and fruits look fresh longer. They also inject water and chemicals inside the fruits to make them look juicy.

Things that affect food’s nutrition Value

1. Blanching

2. Canning

3. Freezing

4. Pasteurization

5. Dehydration

6. Milling

7. Fertilizers

We are not aware of the number of chemicals we are eating each day. You may prefer avoiding outside foods but your homemade food items can be equally harmful to your health. So it is better to consume organic foods that are grown without any synthetic chemicals or fertilizer. To know more about the benefits of organic food refer to the various online health guide.

Research shows that person having organic foods becomes less ill than those having inorganic food. Organic foods can be costly but it is negligible in comparison to their benefits. Eat locally available fruits and vegetables that are sold by the farmers fresh from their farm. Also, have seasonal fruits and vegetables. Check the tags before buying organic fruits and vegetables from the market.

Purchasing organic food is not enough you have to retain the nutritional value of the fruits and vegetables even while cooking otherwise it’s useless. Here are a few ways to preserve the nutritional value of your food.

Ways to retain the nutrition value of cooked food

1. Steaming

2. grilling

3. roasting

4. Stir-frying

5. Microwaving etc.

Other ways to preserve your food

Avoid boiling food, store food properly, wash or scrub the food instead of peeling them, etc. Proper storage and cooking will keep the nutrition value intact in the food. It is better to consume the food within a few hours after cooking to get the most benefit out of it.

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