Weight Loss Goals For Over 40 – 4 Tips For Being Accountable

For many of us the weight crept up when we weren’t paying attention. Now we have a battle ahead as it will be a slower process now at over 40 to take it off. Slow, but not impossible if we stick to it! Some simple tips that may work to enhance the experience by being accountable for your good and bad habits:

1/ Reporting In: whether you do with having a diet/exercise partner you communicate with, or keeping a journal you are reporting in every crumb that enters your mouth and every minute you spend exercising. For many this is a key to their success. Online programs are popping up to make this easier, weekly meetings and journal; it’s finding what works for YOU.

2/ Weigh yourself: Again, it’s part of that accountability factor. If we fall off the wagon a bit, know that you are going in the wrong direction right away and correct it before it gets out of control. Even better, include taking measurements because if you are engaging in a weight training program you may be losing inches but the scale may not be moving.

3/ Take pictures: I have read some stories about women who say “I thought I looked pretty good until I saw a picture of myself” We have all had that experience. Take pictures as you go and photo diary of your process. When you look back you can be pleased to know you are not ‘that’ person any more and be proud of how far you have come

4/ Pick an achievable and realistic goal: if you have an ‘event’ coming up in a few months, then set a goal weight you can achieve with regular exercise by that time. Perhaps you have a pair of jeans, or a dress you can’t get into any more. That can be your goal, to be able to put those on and wear them comfortably.

By tracking, recording and being accountable, most people report a higher success with achieving their fitness goals.

Sticking to a regular diet and exercise program is difficult for many people however with the process being slower over 40 we need to work harder and smarter to get where we want to be.

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