Weight Loss Motivations – 5 Relevant Quotes

Dieting is a tough endeavor requiring willpower and stoic resolve. It is not easy to stop eating those sweet treats or super calorie foods you were used to. It may require a total shift in behavior and many sacrifices. Eating out, dinner parties, holiday binging, and comfort eating are all areas that must be modified or eliminated. With all of this sacrifice it is no wonder that people have difficulty following through with their diets. Failure to stick to a diet is the number one reason for unsuccessful dieting. It is usually not the diet that fails the dieter, but the dieter who fails the diet.

So, what can be done to help ensure adherence to a diet plan? Use motivators to keep you going. Below you’ll find five good motivators to keep you focused on the diet and the future results.

1. Have a goal reward. Set your goal and work toward it. To help you keep moving on the path to that goal plan a reward for yourself when you reach that goal. It could be a new wardrobe, a cruise, a dinner out, or any other special event or purchase. Setting smaller goals along the road to the main goal will help you stay motivated, as well. Implement small rewards for each of these goals. A new pair of running shoes, a special burger or other sandwich, new songs for your iPod, or some other small, inexpensive reward for each minor goal will be incentive to keep moving toward the main goal.

2. Put the most unattractive picture of yourself on the mirror, refrigerator, and other places you frequent. This simple step will keep reminding you why you are dieting. Putting it on the fridge will also make you take pause before reaching for that calorie-rich snack. As you lose the weight, put pictures of the new you beside the old ones. This will serve as a reminder that you are truly achieving success, even though you may not see it from day to day.

3. Get the family motivated. If you get everyone on board with eating healthier and exercising they can help keep you motivated, even when the willpower and resolve begins to wane. Make a game out of the healthy eating and exercise and the kids will want to do it for fun. What an example you’ll be setting for their future. By making it fun, you’ll be dropping the pounds and won’t even realize the effort.

4. Pull out the high school yearbook, graduation photo, or wedding photo. Find those pictures that show the you that you are trying to become again. If you don’t have any photos, find an actor, actress, performer, or athlete who fits your goal image. Remember to be realistic with your selection. Many models, and even some actors and actresses, have bodies that are simply too thin and, therefore, unhealthy. Post a photo of them up in your workout area, in your lunch bag or in another location where you might need a little extra motivation.

5. Look at your kids, spouse, or anyone important to you. Remind yourself that the ultimate goal for losing weight is to become healthier. You want many more good years with your spouse. You want to see your kids grow and have kids of their own. The greatest motivator should be your own internal drive to become healthier, but sometimes you need a little nudge.

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